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Tapadh leat (Thank you) Luna - and I'm sure that comes from my beloved dad, too..

Ail )O(

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Oh my..Where should I start..?


I had added this as a post in another thread, but I really want to make sure the lady who has touched my heart so deeply tonight, gets to read my words, as HER words about my perfume concept were all I could have wished for - and more besides..


Julie my lovely and wise friend, your haunting words have truly done my fragrance vision proud..


It was VERY important to me that Seven Tears (Selkie, was its working name from the get-go) be done full justice, and this perfume vision has been on the cards for a very long time, in fact Mara and I first discussed it back in very early 2007..


I come from a family who not only believe in, but who have also interacted WITH the Selkies of The Shetland Islands - the shape-shifting Seal People, several times during our long or relatively short lifetimes... Thankfully to date though, our encounters have ONLY been with the GOOD and KIND Selkies.... Those who will guide a wandered lone Fisherman safely back on course and back to shore..Those who help a distressed child to find his or her path back home.. Those who watch in happiness as two people who they have quite deliberately brought together (though those two people will put it down to mere chance), become an Eternal Chain of love and passion - one intertwined with the other...


Now some members here will read my words and will either perhaps mock me, or just won't believe. And as i always say, that's OK. I never ask anyone to believe as I do - just to keep an open mind so as not to close it on those opportunities to see PAST that which we PHYSICALLY see with our EYES alone, and not with our third eye....


Conversely, there are those on this board who will smile softly - almost knowingly to themselves, and will try to hide their slight envy when they learn that due to my beloved and so sorely-missed dad being born and brought up on the Isle that is the main Selkie stomping ground -I have spent a great many times over this last 43 years just soaking up the bewitching and ever-changing scenery, and absorbing the atmosphere of the so enchanted Shetland Isles.. But always, always FAR from the water's edge. For I am very fearful of water..


This is not a perfume I would or COULD ever wear - and nor did I ever think it WOULD be, for when Mara and I talked of it over the years during several long and creative phone calls, we knew it would have to be cold, aquatic, ethereal and, enigmatic..And that is NOT my usual taste in perfumes as you all know..


But what MY full bottle will be for me, is an eternal memory and MY personal Homage to my wonderful dad and his haunting homeland..and for that reason ALONE, Seven Tears will probably become my most treasured LP perfume - of all..Forever..


Thank you Julie for breathing life into my visualisation and for making it come across exactly as I'd dreamed and hoped it would.. Thank you lovely lady from the bottom of my heart.. I think I shall be crying a LOT more than just Seven Tears tonight - but of sheer JOY..


Brightest Blessings to you ALWAYS, Julie/Luna - you wonderful woman..I'm just lost for words..


Ail )O(

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*gets teary-eyed*


Thank you from the depths of my heart, Ail, I'm so very happy you are happy with my little tale. When Mara and I first discussed it, and my desire to write about a male selkie, I recall fretting about the details because I said, "For Ail's sake I don't want to mess it up!" But as it unfolded in my mind and then onto the page, I thought perhaps you might have given me a nudge in the aethyrs to find the right path. It could have been a real epic in that I wanted to include so much more but of course the format for this month meant I had to pare them all down to the core, but I hoped I could convey the sense of seductive beauty and wild passion of the details and the setting.


You always have provided such wonderful inspiration so in tribute I wanted to create the very best that I could in order to honor it.


And to contribute to such a wonderful history as the Selkies...I did go back and read through what I had in my library (and was spurred by Tanith Lee's story "Because Our Skins Are Finer") to get into the proper frame of mind, but knowing it was your idea was the true foundation.


To bring you happiness is a joyous bonus and I feel your light all the way here, dear one. xoxoxo

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As I said in the title - Tapadh leat, Julie..And yes, Mara already knows I've felt you may have locked onto certain things directly from my mind over the last wee while..^_~ I'm glad to see they DID get through, because I truly can't thank you enough for making this particular perfume vision come to life for me - and so eloquently and with such empathy, too..


Night night!




Ail )O(

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