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Order Confirmation?

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I placed my first order and I did not recieve any order confirmation. Is this normal? I know its too early for a shipping confirmation but I'm just wondering if we are supposed to recieve an order confirmation as well. I placed my order on Saturday. Thanks!

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You are supposed to receive three emails total.

The first is an immediate automatic response that sends a copy of your order both to us and to you.

The second is a note from us that lets you know we are working on putting your order together.

The third is your shipping confirmation.


You should check your spam folder if you are not receiving these emails.


Our usual turn around time is 2 weeks from order to delivery, but pheros, PEs and other special orders may take a little longer.


Thanks for joining us! :)

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Hi BV,

The email thingy on the message boards is disabled due to earlier harassment of our members. It's for your protection that we disabled it. Please use this email address to contact me:



I got back your delivery confirmation email as undeliverable to the email address you ordered from and is on your payment. Thinking this may be why you didn't get the earlier automatic confirmation either? I emailed you at a different address, let me know what to do about the preferred email address on file for our address book and the boards, k? Thanks, Honey!

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