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Bavarian Blood


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The little I've been able to find about this, is that it was a PE and extremely limited. Haven't been able to find its scent notes, and I'm still really bad at detecting notes via nose unless I already know what they are, but I'll do my best.


First my general impression is that it is very pretty, perfumey, "traditional", and wears close -- ie, the dead opposite of what I expected based on the name, which was that it'd be gothy, resinous, heavy with a big throw.


It's a fruity floral, with a red fruit forward (maybe currant?) and I can't place the flower at all -- it's not "big" or heady like gardenia, but subtle -- maybe lily? It feels "traditional".


As a plus the label seems to have gotten a nice soaking at some point, in something that smells familiar (I'm pretty sure it's an LP) but I can't place -- lots of resins (pretty sure there's sandalwood and maybe myrrh?) and spice...smells like the inside of an apothecary cabinet in a back room in Marrakesh :D

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I think Mara wrote somewhere in one of the other "Blood" perfume descriptions that Red Currant is used as a magickal representation of blood. So, it probably is Red Current. Lucky you to get something so rare it's no where to be found!

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This was the formerly posted description, written by the PE designer...


Crafted to recreate a memory for the designer of this scent... Autumn in Bavaria: Lying on a bed of moss and deep wild grass - she's been riding, and the scent of oiled leather mixes with that of sweat and decaying leaves...a cold fire pit with stones around its remains lies nearby, accompanied by a lingering metallic taste of blood in the air...all of this, lightly sweetened with a dollop of wild Honey.

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