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Teacher's Pest


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I guess this could be considered masculine but not in a heavy way and I can't help but like it on myself. I think it's androgynous. It smells so good O_O. It's such a subtle, skin close scent that is sweet but not sugary. Mysterious. cherry isn't that noticeable but it would probably be noticed if it wasn't there. I probably never would have bought any if i didn't get to try a sample of it first, the tobacco notes would have scared me but I love it.

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This is one of my favorites, along with Boddice Ripper and North Pole.


I really like teachers pest. Its very heavy on me and The cherry/ tobbaco mix very well. Its very intoxicating, by which i mean it engulfs my senses.


i have met people who do like it because it is very heavy/ dense. But I like it... it makes me want to consume my GF. Very Multi Dimsentional.


A beautiful creation.

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