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New Bath & Body items listed

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I finally got all the luscious new Magickal Bath Bombs up in the cart, here: http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/store/Bat..._Body_Care.html YAY! They're wonderful, give em a try!


Also, if you were following my experimentations in my "Cauldron Bubble" journal area, I made a few solid bubble bars, and I'm only going to offer those here on the forum.

Here's the original post.





I made three different kinds...

1) Lusty Licious scented, colored with unsweetened berry Koolaid.

2) Wooing and Wapture scented, decorated on top with candy sugar stars. (The kids will love this one!)

3) Purple Pitch scented, mixed with bath salt, and sprinkled with gold mica on top.


So, I've got around 9 sets to offer, one of each kind per set for $10.00/set. Any takers?


They are for crumbling under the tab of your tub, to make bubbbbles and scent and softening the water so silkily. :abfx:

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