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Availability of LP Phero Blends

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Okay so I'm trying to get my facts straight still about which phero's come and go and which ones stay. I want to make a few purchases before some are gone forever.


I get that phero enhanced fragrances come and go, like Elixer of Silver and Dangerous Games, those are going to sell out and then be gone. But do the Phero's themselves ever actually sell out? Or do they keep making those and then just add new ones every once in a while? Like for example BI, Lace, Leather, Cougar? I want all these, should I buy them ASAP? I know the all phero month is coming (YAY!) but that gets me thinking maybe they're going out with the old, in with the new, and so I better get shopping for some of the current pheros if that's the case.


I guess with time I'll understand better how LPMP works but for now I'm just really worried I'll miss out on some if I'm waiting too long. : ) Oh how I wish I could win the mega millions : ) I'd be swimming in love potions and spray the whole wide world with Alpha Nol : )



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Haha the whole world could probably use some A-Nol currently. As far as the current pheromones listed on the site, they aren't going anywhere. The only time there are issues on availability has to do with suppliers, & as far as I know all the suppliers have been maintaining a great working relationship with Mara (how couldn't you, she's like the nicest person in the world). To the effect that we have a massive selection of 'mones availbale thru LP. Whenever there have been supplier issues, LPs been awesomely fast about finding replacements if at all possible.

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Thank ya, good to know. I won't rush into anything just yet then, concentrate on getting samples and then splurge on what I like with Christmas money, woo hoo. I have like four lists ready : )


Yes, Mara and the LP gang do great work. I know that even if something would be gone, there would be a ton more to take it's place, but I guess it's just hard to hear what all you members have already tried, the reviews on how great it all is and then to find out it's sold out sometimes. So I get obsessive like "I NEED that" :magicstick: But there are so many and soon even more, it'll be that much harder to decide : )


Oh yeah the whole world would be laughing, like a giant party, would be pretty great. I'd spray it on all the cranky meanies : ) At least I'll have my Flying Potion real soon and spread the love <3

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