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A ladies review of B2

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Ok in light of some women's questions about B2, here is my personal review & stamp of approval. I'm in college currently & for some reason I do not end up sitting by women @ our small 4 person table-desks. Not by my choice, just how it works out. So my sexy pheromones are shelved on school days. Leading to my usual choices of Open Windows, Treasured Hearts, or Focus Potion. Today I swiped my husbands B2 boosted Aerion Sky (yesterday too) & let me tell you! This is great for use around women, but around the gents I turn into a Movie Star!!! I can't believe how many gentleman told me how young I looked, yada, yada, yada. Great conversations, I swear they just loved me & I had great self effects. I love this one for school. I think PaganLady should give this one (boosted into a sexy scent) a shot around her band boys, cuz this blend is like happy sauce for men, lol. Hmm, works a bit like catnip does for cats maybe is the best way to put it. Any ladies afraid of getting mixed reactions from this don't be! Another way I could put it is this: Does your man have any type of sports hero? You know someone they totally hero worship? Prepare to get that type of undivided attention, the same intent concentration they give to their sports games of choice, but so waaaaay better :)

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Ha ha, what a great and fun review - thanks Beccah!


To share my direct comparison of B2 vs Teddy BB -- I had been trying various concentrations & amounts of un B2 spray and felt almost nothing, just maybe a tiny bit relaxed, and serene. But I tried Teddy Man 2 last night, not that much even, and it made me feel verrrrry 'heeeeeyyy maaaaan whaaas happenninnnnng', in a good way. This was me,


except with a crooked James-Franco-in-Pineapple-Express smile on my face.


Sorry to TJ but per Luna pointing out recently that B2 and Teddy BB are different (I hadn't been focused on that fact), thought a bit of personal experience might somewhat help others too..

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I've used B2 and Open Windows together a few time when I've just wanted a nice laid back time with hubby. It really seems to be a mood boosting combo for him and he becomes very playful and sweet. Normally he's reserved and it takes a lot to coax out the light heart-ed side of him. I tend to let things roll off me and choose not to hang onto negativity but he hangs on to things from work and other areas and has a harder time letting them go. I love that pheros can have such a great effect on him because sometimes he spends WAY too much unnecessary time being far too serious about "the little things". In my opinion, OW opens him up and B2 boosts it by bringing out that comfortable, personable, approachable, charming side that I know is always in there :)

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