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The majority of our items are hand crafted, and many of them are individually made to order, so please be patient while we brew our magic just for you. Domestic orders take an average of TWO WEEKS from date of ordering to delivery at your door. Custom fragrances, pheromone blends, jewelry and magic wands may take up to 3 weeks until it reaches your home. We appreciate your patience and we're confident that you will find your goodies worth the wait!



We cannot estimate time of arrival for international orders. Most orders leave the US in less than 3 days from date of mailing. International delivery times depend largely upon the postal system of the destination country, and on the customs practices of the destination country. THE ONLY WAY for us to track an international package is for the buyer to pay for Global Express - this is the only service that offers international tracking.



We pay for First Class Airmail for orders to the U.S. and Canada.


You may add additional postage services to your order here:


Purchasing Priority Mail will ship your items Priority Mail, but it will not move you up faster in the cue. Orders are processed on a first come-first served basis.

As a courtesy, purchasing Express Mail WILL move you up to the front of the cue, but we ask that you only use this option for "emergency" reasons, not on a regular basis. Your order STILL may take a few days to leave our studio if it contains custom crafted items.



Orders are processed on a first come-first served basis.

Orders containing custom crafted items take longer to process than "off-the-shelf" orders.

We do our best to get your items to your door within 2 weeks of ordering, for domestic orders, which means we try to get it out the door within 5 working days. Depending upon how long the line is, and other factors such as the studio awaiting supplies of bottles, etc., this can take a little longer or shorter.

Our turn-around-time is posted on our front page, and also printed at the bottom of every invoice you receive when you order.

Once again - We have a two week turn around time - longer if you order custom items. If you need your items faster, please take advantage of our expedited shipping options. Thank you.


Since your order form does not contain shipping and handling charges, taxes, or a minimum order processing fee, many customers do not understand that there is a significant hidden cost to us. We are a small company and these costs represent a HUGE percentage of our expenses. A percentage of each order made is taken by our cart program and by our payment gateway (paypal). The smaller the order, the higher the percentage they take. So, a $5 order costs us more than a $25 order. As such, we PLEAD with our customers, please plan your orders carefully and make fewer of them. For example, a customer that orders a bottle of perfume for $25, then makes a separate order for a $5 trial vial, and then another, has just used up all the funds that were allotted for their free shipping, packaging costs, and freebies. The little freebie sets we include are valued at $8.50 each. Forum freebie vials are worth $10. We pay all applicable taxes, processing fees, the cost of the boxes and the packing materials, the cost of the postage and the cost of the employees doing the packing. Multiple orders and sending out multiple boxes when only one would have been necessary is harmful to this program. If you enjoy not having taxes and shipping and handling charges added to each order, and especially if you enjoy the generous freebies we send out every month, please do your best to be respectful of adding unnecessary expenses to your orders.


Thank you everyone!

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I have a question and have no clue as where to post it. I wanted to know how shipping works regarding your scents of the month.For example I ordered LP red/lace. It says April.Does this mean it wont be shipped till that month?Also it states it can take up to 3 weeks to get an order.Does that mean my order will arrive the 3 rd week of April?On another note re your shipping cost.... Is there any way for a customer to pay for a product they want and have you hold it if they are considering adding another product that same month?I was thinking that maybe that would help you with the costs on your end?That way you wouldnt get slammed with so many fees?Example of this is your work screwed up you paycheck there are 2 products you really want but can only get 1 till the next check comes in could customer pay for the current product you hold the package till they can pay for the next item?Maybe you can add your fees that are caused because of this extra work?I of course am saying only if they place the reminder of the order in the EXACT same month.Hope that makes sense just trying to save you some cash.

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Jlynn, your order placed on the 22nd has already shipped and you should have gotten the shipping notice from Stamps.com. The email address it was sent to is the one you used to make the order, aka, your PayPal address.


We appreciate when people make fewer/larger orders rather than more numerous/smaller orders. It is not just the shipping and packaging expenses, PayPal fees are very steep. They operate on a sliding scale so that the smaller the figure, the higher the percentage they take.


Also, multiple orders take up more employee time to organize. We have to search through stacks of orders to find your other ones that you want us to combine it with, and that slows down the processing time for ALL of our customers, so we would appreciate you just waiting until you can order the 2 items together rather than ordering one at a time. ok?



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