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Hey guys, I read that a member might add water to their perfume for better diffusion and decided to try it out as a room spray. I have a little spray bottle and I set the nozzle on mist. I added a bit of water and my large sample of Lustylicious. My room smells DIVINE. Oh my, it is so amazing that I had to share. I'm thinking this will be so romantic on Valentine's day, to use a sexy scent instead of a usual "clean" smelling room deodorizer. Even sprayed on the bed, sheets and pillows will add a nice touch.

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I know this is an old post but I've just found it, what a good idea! I just wanted to add another way I like to scent my room is I leave scented candles on the windowsill. My room gets sunlight mostly in the morning and early afternoon, and as the sun melts the candles just a little the scent wafts throughout the room, becoming stronger at times as the sun is stronger. When I feel the scent is growing weak I burn the candles down a few centimetres and start again. With this method I don't even have to remember to scent the room from time to time, it just happens naturally with the sun!

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