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What shall I use to new work place?

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I'm officially starting work on 1st March. As my kids will start schooling next Monday and I have a couple of days break, I will be dropping by at the office (international school) before my official start date. This will give me a chance to speak to my new colleagues and to check on my kids in the new school environment.


The situation is that this position was created for me by adding have one additional layer onto the organization chart. They did not promote the team supervisor, a local, who has been working there for ages. There are 4 more ladies, 3 local and 1 foreigner, in this team at this location. There are at least 2 ladies, locals, in the team located at another location. I know the supervisor is older than me. So I will be leading the team from now onwards instead of my boss.


I know that I will be implementing a number of changes to their current work processes and behavior. I want them to be more customer and service oriented. The changes to the work processes will result in more data-entry, each one will spend more time with each prospective customer, etc. I expect resistance to change from at least half the team and quite a lot of bitching. I don't want any of them to quit on me within the next few months. On the other hand, I have an aggressive growth target to meet.


Any suggestion what I should use next week during my informal meetings with the team and the organization? I'll have to gauge their responses to make a decision on what to use during the first couple of weeks.


Besides Cuddy Bunny, SS4W and Dominance, I believe I have all the UN pheros available here. I have the full set of the spell kit too.


I had SWS and Persuasion Potion on the last time I visited the office. The Headmaster scheduled a last minute discussion with me.

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Definitely Jinx no more, just a touch, to head off any possible negative vibes.


Drop your guard sounds great, I've used it very successfully at work, email me maybe I can hook you up!


Leather might be better than Dominance.


All the best!!

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I would go with SWS and maybe the Persausion Potion <don't know how this smells> with scents it is hard to please everyone,so best to go light at first IMO...the SWS does have alpha-Enone in it,as does Leather,for the respect aspect,but a whole lot more for really overall good vibes for many "types". Your attitude will seal the deal,as you Know what your goals are :OUE9E4~111:


...actually you could add a bit of Lace,for the EST,that should cover it all :) ...best of luck,I am excited for you !

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So I've been at my new job for 2 weeks and I have used pheros on different days.


I have 5 ladies reporting to me and I'm performing a dual function role here and my boss wants me to take over her role so she could work on the other campuses.


From my observation, the more senior lady is slightly wary of me. My boss told me that she had numerous talks with her before my arrival and she fully understands that she is my assistant and she is expected to provide me with the same amount of assistance as she did for my boss. She will not volunteer information just as the other junior officers so I might have to use my B2 (or should it be G2). Perhaps some Flying Potion to get them high and happy and some true serum to get them to open up.


Well, I need to clarify that this is a family business and my boss is part of the family. And I found out about this when my subordinate told me about it last week.

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It's only been 2 weeks,give it some time :) ...B2 would be a good choice, but I would go light on the pheros overall until you get established,too many different ones might be giving off confusing vibes <?> Something to think about :D

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Thanks Calii, didn't think about the confusion though.


Let's see, I have used Leather, IS/A, IS/O so far, Mojo & Persuasion Potions and cops on most days.


My ex-subordinate got hold of my son's past academic records and guess what? No comments from his teachers for the last semester at the school. Why am I not surprised that his teacher has not finished her job?

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