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B2 has become my favorite go-to phero since going back to school. I do love G2, but I go to school with a lot of guys, & usually end up sitting in close proximity to them, so I've been going with B2. I'm going to do an experiment with the wax melts during an upcoming gathering I have planned. 2 of my relatives are extremely boy-crazy, example: We'll be planning a GIRLS night, & one's husband will show up @ the end of the night, he'll be the ONLY husband to show up. Another example: Planning a girls night in with fam for my birthday & another relative (her ex husband just got out of jail & they are reuniting) asks if her b/f can come. I clearly stated that this was my birthday gathering & I'm even kicking out MY husband prior to her asking. I'm not going to get into the psychoanalysis I mentally performed on this request, LOLZ!!! So I'm going to go with B2 or Teddy BB wax melts, opposed to putting a G2 boosted scent in my light ring. I t seems that B2 works better for those women that NEED a male presence.

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Beccah, I can't wait to read how this works out! I haven't tried B2 at my work-place yet, but based on what you're saying, it might be great. The salon is a place where there's an "expectation" of no men...but I wonder if some of the women I work with still crave/are missing the male presence.

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