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Missing part of my order


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I got my latest order, but it only had one of the two Super Sexys i ordered. The invoice inside showed two, and there weren't any notes to say it was on back order or something. Just wanted to check to see when I'd get my second bottle.



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Why don't you email or call Mara sweety:



(818) 508-6525

11:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific Time




Mistakes can though happen...Mara will make it right,this is the most honest company I ever done business with :lol:

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Oh yes, so very honest and helpful that Mara and LP angels are! I've honestly never encountered any probs with orders and haven't heard of many either but they are bound to happen once in a while, but no needz to worries girl, LP's gotcha. :angelstar-kaos058:

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