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What is Estratetraenol and what are its effects?

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Okay I've got what Alpha-nol, Beta-nol, Androsterone, Androstenone, And Copulins are, But what is Estratetraenol and what does it do?


Also, what exactly is in the Stone Cougar blend? I looked at the definition and couldn't find any of the $50 words in its ingredients.



Am I missing any? :OUE9E4~111:

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At least one person in the past noted that they did not do well with EST in their hair, so I think it's a YMMV kind of thing.

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Yes, Veronica said that she sprayed it in her mother's hair and they thought it smelled like weeeeeeeeeee. ^_^


But I spray Est in my hair ALL THE TIME and have not had that issue. I think it's one of the best ways to diffuse that particular molecule.

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