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OK, so what should I get?

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Hi ladies,


I've ordered what seemed to be half of the LP sortiment but now I've worked up a new list almost as long :D Anyway, this is on its way to me:


popularity potion

open windows


Cougar sample

Dangerous games sample

irresistible forces sample

LAM samples

cuddle bunny sample

maras rocket fuel sample/blatant invitation

dolce far niente sample

Aphrodisia Erotica sample

Dream lover sample


Not bad for a first batch! :)

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Very Nice :) ...enjoy trying them and don't feel bad if you cannot control trying too many at one time :)


Just remember to try everything at least a few times,I cringe when I think how I almost dismissed LP Red. And Mara's Rocket Fuel and Sexology 2 because of the honey,which I now love :lol:


...welcome to the addiction :D

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