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Difference between "MVP" and "Charisma"?


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When you read descriptions of "MVP" and "Charisma", they sound a lot alike. So I'm curious what the difference is?


UNscented Pheromone Blend for Men: MVP

An Alpha-Social mix for men, excellent for work AND for play! The uplifting, friendly attitude of Alpha-Androstenol leads the way - for popularity and making the wearer the center of attention, with a balanced blend of Androsterone and Androstenone beneath, for a clearly masculine signature that gives off sexy and powerful alpha-male and respect signals, while lifting the mood of those around the wearer.


CHARISMA contains a perfect balance of Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone - the exact natural biological ratio, just greatly amplified. CHARISMA provides the necessary components to promote popularity, sexual attraction, social dominance, and bankable allure.

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MVP creates what I feel is a more outgoing almost party feeling because the a-nols are higher. I don't wear it as much because people get so darn chatty with a-nols around me. There is always one or two people who react strongly to is and they go on and on.


Charisma can make you seem like THE movie star. Almost a "wow" kinda factor to it.


Once again though, it all depends on the wearer's attitude. If you are friendly and confident, they carry off well. If you are in a foul mood, they can broadcast that as well.


This is my take on the effects around me. Pheromone blends tend to aim things in certain directions. Exact results can be very user and situation specific.

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