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Look what I got today.....

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Ok, now I have time to talk....


This is a slightly tweaked formulation from the first. The original version was conceived as a blend for women. I spoke to Chris about it, and said, I'm not sure what you did to the last version to make is skewed toward women, but when you do it this time, I would prefer that both sexes can wear it equally. It wasn't much of a change apparently, and the goal remains the same.


This blend is for people who have difficulties garnering respect in the workplace. It's supposed to make people SHUT UP and listen to you. It's supposed to make those people who may bristle at taking orders from you, calm down, listen, and accept your authority, and be happy about it. It has mood elevating pheros, calming pheros, respect pheros, trust pheros.


I LOVE this blend in conjunction with wealth/prosperity attracting potion perfumes, it really kicks ass in that combination. But I would also suggest it along with any "office-friendly" scent. The phero blend does not have an overly strong aroma to my nose, so can easily be worn with a "light" cover, such as in the blends that I've marked as Office Friendly.


"Office Friendly" is a new category in the perfumerie section that you can sort by. I am STILL in the midst of adding the new tags to the existing perfumes (had 600 to go through, I'm around 200 in), but anyway, there won't be many in the category yet because I'm still updating, but soooooon!


Today I will add this offering to the cart - It will take me around four hours to get the programming done, but it should be up and orderable by this evening.


And yeah, I did crack myself up with that label. I wanted to make a new one so people would easily know one version from the next. I was looking for a

"corporate shark" image, and laughed my head off when I found that one. Glad you guys like it too. ;)

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True story. So yesterday we had our monthly sales team meeting. Our director decides he wants to do a mini survey, a smaller version of the statewide sales survey we completed not too long ago.

One of the questions asked was if we felt we were respected from our immediate managers. About 70% answered no. After the meeting I was a bit upset because I really do feel like Bosshole does not respect me.

I felt like he respects people that are more like him, spreadsheet junkies that do not like talking to clients on the phone. I'm in sales, being in sales equals, talking to people 24/7 and being 'on'


I feel like although, yes, I do need improvement in some areas, like being more organized etc, my awards and numbers should speak for themselves on my dedication and work ethic. Unfortunately they don't. He favors people that can punch out projects and update spreadsheets, versus the people that are making him look good to higher ups. I kept on harping on this last night and it tired me out, even this am. I felt like why do I work so hard? I don't get any respect, God forbid I forget to update my calendar ~ it will make him crazy.


I'm super excited about this phero!

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This is a slightly tweaked formulation from the first. The original version was conceived as a blend for women.


Hmmm,bet he changed the first ingredient from beta...it is gonna be a hell of a good formula for the workplace :wink2:

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late but....LUV, LUV, LUV the new label !!!

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Oh, and just FYI, added these to the cart today too, they are sooo cute!




5ml Empty Pretty BLUE Roll-On Bottle with Black Cap


Pretty TURQUOISE BLUE glass bottle with METAL roll-on fitment and black cap. Capacity = 5ml (1/6 oz)


These have a smooth metal roller instead of the usual plastic ones. The color of these are just so pretty, I couldn't resist! Have been carrying them around in my purse and so far no leakage. This is a good quality bottle!

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LOL! I'm glad you guys like the label, it cracks me up.


Ok, I've got SwSharks up and orderable in all sections of the site, and I also did a whole bunch of updating to make it easier to order pheros in any form you wish without having to go into the Beta section.


I am trying to eliminate the Beta section entirely now, since we finally have a handle on the options. I'm doing the new listings with options, and I'm working backwards adding the options to the old listings. Hope this makes it simpler for everyone.


Since my eyes are crossing from too much 'puter time, gonna rest me peepers for a while, and later will upload my Hollywood treasures to show you. :)


Have a nice evening, all!



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Oh this is definite must-have with next order.


* I'm in the only woman in my department in a company that's really not female-friendly for techs.

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