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Hey Dolly, do you consider LAM a simple enough blend to layer with something else? I def don't want to mess up any blends intents, but I'm kind of a 'mixer' by nature (not crazy mixes necessarily). I layer scents, conjure oils etc. so it's just something I'm used to doing with certain things. Even my foundation is a mix of 2 things - a BB and a CC. haha


But like LAM and Cougar - idk, haven't layered but have thought @ it.


For the super complex ones like LFN, LFM etc., would a swipe or 2 of wand w/ scented Cougar be ok or would that cause issue? I tend to like to add small scented cougar for a little extra sparkle but don't want to mess up original blend intent. It just feels like a nice finishing 'touch' - again with a super small dose, not much in a wand swipe.


Def appreciate your insight bc you have had so much experience. Also, is it considered 'bad mixing' to add cops to a complex phero - i.e. LFN plus an OCCO? It's not blending pheros per say (or is it), just adding more cops.


Gracias for insight!

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LAM is pretty basic....just alpha-nol and cops.....so if it is a blend you want to take into a happy, sexy direction should be ok....


Cops to any blend is ok....depending on the setting of course!!.....That is why the OCCO blends were made!


The things I cation against is mixing two COMPLEX blends....for instance, Cougar and LFM, or Cougar with SS4W. etc

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