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Brandy's Blushing Bride


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ok ladies, I just got my first PE and here it is! Blushing bride was to be a scent trip. I wanted it to be an scent that would have the wearer thinking of that walk down the aisle.


it's notes are:


Orchid-for in the bouquet

Rose-my fave flower, also in the brides bouquet

Skin musk- to symbolize the bride

Lacy powdered sugar- for the veil.


On me I get orchid first, followed by the rose. The skin musk is more like a highlighter of the other scents and the sugar give it a nice mellow and classy feel.


Mara you got what i wanted dead on!! such a beautiful classy floral. i should have bought more. :bananajoy:

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YAY!!! This sounds AMAZING!!!! I'm really excited about the bottle coming my way!!! >.< Is it bold or it it soft and light?

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I got this from the lovely JOC. I passed on it when it initially came out because i didn't know i liked orchids. This is so pretty! The orchid and rose blend seamlessly. I'm not getting too much musk right now, but i smell it back there. it will probably come out more in the drydown. And just enough sweetness. For some reason, this feels very pink to me. Glad i found this!

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