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Which is a sexier cops cocktail?

Occo vs Pherogirl  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer Occo or pherogirl?

    • Occo
    • Pherogirl
    • Other- please explain

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Before thinking about my next order, I wanted to get opinions regarding was the best cops blend for DIHL and general sexiness?

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IMO it all comes down to the fragrance because the differences in concentration of copulins is slight, I would imagine. And the fragrance component is a matter of personal taste.

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I agree with that. It is very much about the fragrance. I reach out to my OCCOs most of the time, which is why I picked OCCO, but the honey scent in pherogirl is just incredibly sexy.

One of the sexiest perfume in my opinion here is sexology. But it has to work for you and work with your own body chemistry.

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Now that Mara has clarified in the other thread: OCCO has more cops but Phero Girl has other elements which pack a sexual punch.

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