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I used one of my Rose City with open windows yesterday, my whole kitchen smelled amazing!! I usually let the melted was sit and keep adding essential oils for a few days or longer, so I get used to their lower throw and intensity. I am always pleasantly surprised by how powerful Mara's waxes are.

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In my most recent order I'd gotten (apparently the last ?) package of Irish Coffee scented wax melts.  Oh man, these smell amazing!  My bride thinks they smell like coffee scented Tootsie Rolls but to me it does smell more like Irish Coffee (I'd like to think I am more of an authority since it combines two of my favorite things, coffee and whiskey.)  I love how the scent just fills the room with a nice warm, rich scent.  Really nice!

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On 9/4/2019 at 4:09 PM, Potion Master said:

Yup, been working on brewing the NRs and oils for B&B and wax the past week. Still going, will happen soon! Thank you for asking! :)

YAY, this is so exciting !! I've been hoarding my Candied Apple simmer oil from last year, loooove it, & just now ordered some Garland & Lace tarts....the thought of phero'd tarts sounds just amazing, especially with anything w/ alpha nol. I get the best self effects from Lace, can't wait to try these :) 

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I have Garland & Lace on now ( practically flew up to the PO for my package today, lol ) & loooooooooooove it.....LOVE it !! It smells so delicious, & the Lace is definitely apparent & giving my entire house that happy Lace vibe. Can't wait until more of these come out. I have a pumpkin fest today that I've been looking forward to all year & now, I almost don't want to leave 🤣 But I guess it's not a huge tragedy, since my package also contained my UN Lace...so no matter where I am, I'll have my Lace 😍 PM, I've said it before but it's worth repeating...you are a genius

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Do Wax melts still exist to purchase? :)
I used to get them a few years ago and miss them!!!

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