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la vie de boheme homme

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Seems impossible this hasn't been reviewed but I did look!


Finally trialed this based on Calii's raves :)


This smells exactly as expected: sweet nutty coffee. But with a Super-for-Women swingset pole in it.


It's not TERRIBLE, but not something I desperately want to smell like. I don't know if it's the scent or the phero.


As for the phero: it made me LIKE MYSELF A WHOLE LOT. Very "good in my skin". So much so that I fearlessly and freely spoke about something personal that I'm very sensitive about, with someone I'm not that close with, AND I was able to listen to his responses and subsequent related comments that I would normally bristle at, with an assumption of good will and concern instead of feeling criticized or embarrassed. This is HUUUUUUUGE for me.


So Intellectual Man definitely warrants further exploration. CALII, if you have advice about covering it (whether what to use it in as a boost or about using it UN), I'm all ears...

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Yeah there was never a seperate thread for it, as far as I know.


Here is my report on Quince wearing the men's version. I actually prefer the scent of the men's version more, but I haven't really tested IM on me as far as self-effects. I'm wondering if it will feel as "natural" as IW does.

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As for the phero: it made me LIKE MYSELF A WHOLE LOT. Very "good in my skin".




PSSST...add some cops :)


See,I like the way it smells on me :) but have actually not worn it out of the house,I wear it for the self-effects :hi215:


I have two bottles of Fallen Angel with an IM boost split between them,and added cops,well one & 1/3 now and 2 bottles of FA with an IW & cops boost <split> ...the split strength and the La Vie strength is perfect for me,I use less of the FA,but kinda slather the La Vie. Still have not worn any of them out,cause I am always reaching for G&L,Cougar and lately Money Honey. :P


Truth be told ,I like the IM <with cops> better than IW.

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Thanks guys! Calii how do u order the split across 2 bottles - duo just order 2 (1 boosted, one not) and then add to the instructions that you want it split?


eep...yeah,I think that is how I did it...best to mail Da Mawa,to be sure :001_302:

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Ps oh I def will try with cops- resisted today because I wanted to isolate the IM as far as effects!


I forgot to mention : it did seem to make everyone want to be my friend - I ran into various people who usually aren't overly friendly but today they were - and not in a dazzled Cougar way, or "petting" adoring snuggly TH way, but more hail-fellow-well-met, very comfortable and accepting.

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