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Sniffer's Violet Smoke

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I get a lot of fruity violet at first, the marshmallow, amber and smoke come out a little bit later. I'm thinking this one might need some time to cure.


July 13 - I'm getting more amber and smoke with the violet.


Aug 1 - It's definitely getting richer and sweeter over time. Today I tried it blended with Perfect Pitch, delicious!

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On me, this starts out all soft warm fuzzy choward's violet. As it dries it quickly sweetens up, though reading not as marshmallow but as powdered sugar - like a heavily sugar-dusted (not candied) violet. As the hours pass, the two notes meld and it becomes a light-purple, lightly violet-scented fresh homemade marshmallow -- the evocation was so strong it was like R2D2's Princess Leia hologram -- I could almost bite into it. Unnnnhhh nom. Hours later the violet was almost gone, just the faintest lacing on that same dense chewy marshmallow.


I never got any smoke but I bet that starts to bloom and show up as it ages.


I don't actually pick up any amber, but that must be what gives this a purring, languid kind of sexiness.


This is unusual, warm, comforting, good for evening or sleepytime-- really glad I jumped on a bottle unsniffed.

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OMG this is sooo yummmm! I get a soft sugared violet with some marshmallow fluff!!! Oh WOW I am digging this one! Sometimes violet will get all cray cray on me and make me shriek but in this combo it's really soft and yummmers! I get no smoke which I like. It's all soft purple yummy marshmallow dream.

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The violet on this is aging into a voluptuous knockout. Huge, intensely fruity, juicy, VERY sweet, NOT powdery or frumpy AT ALL. Not even that floral-feeling, really -- it's more like if there were a juicy, intensely aromatic tropical fruit and the scent happened to be violet-like. You know how fruits like persimmon and mango are ultra aromatic...like that.

The smoke is not detectable as itself- just gives the violet some grounding and dimension. I also get a lot less literal marshmallow today.

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