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Carolyn's Wild & Woody Vanilla


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Oh how I do love this one. It's a musky woody vanilla that is just so sensual. The musk in this isn't the "smutty" kind that sometimes goes plasticky on me but a really warm exotic musk true to the wild theme. The vanilla and woods are balanced perfectly; I swear I can detect some teak in here, possibly oak and sandalwood, but that's just my best assumption. This isn't a particularly foody or floral vanilla; it's somewhere in between, still distinguishable as vanilla but blending seamlessly with the woods and musk. It's not the exact same scent as Unisexy but definitely in the same vein of just-sweet-enough woody-musky goodness. I could see it being unisex but it isn't glaringly masculine at all. I just love, love, love it.

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Much like Shelly B's Sweet Bottom, this is primarily sandalwood on me, but I agree with Liz that the musk is a wonderful compliment to it, with a "wild" aura which is just this side of dirty. I don't get the sweet notes except in the bottle. It's so smooth and warm and definitely unisex (and sexy!); I can't wait to try this on Quince, lately the blends with sandalwood I've tried seem more appropriate for him - but this one is a pleasure to wear. I'm so happy the sandalwood doesn't go sharp on me.

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