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PLEASE update your email addresses!

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Hey Guys and Gals, just a general plea.... if you have changed your email address - and many people seem to have new ones attached to their cell phones, you MUST change it in your PayPal account. The email address attached to your PayPal account is the one that is attached to your orders.


We have been getting WAYYYYY too many bounced back emails and we end up with NO WAY to contact these customers. This means that order confirmations, shipping/tracking notices from Stamps.com, and any questions we may have about your order are NOT GETTING TO YOU! In several cases this means that people did not get sale or freebie offers. So not only is this extremely inconvenient for both customer and us, in many cases the customer misses out on an offer, thus costing them money.


Updating your information takes less than 5 minutes of your time. If you can't figure out how to do it yourself, PayPal is very easy to get a hold of by phone with excellent customer service, so please just do it, PLEASE! We had 6 bouncebacks TODAY, and at least 18 this week. That's way too much. Please keep your stuff up to date.



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