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Care to Breakdown Catie Scarlet's B&B for a Newbie?


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This is my first venture into cops and oil perfumes in general:)


The cops weren't too bad too handle. Then again after much message board stalking I prepared myself for the worst! I'm not quite sure what is going on with my nose, body chemsitry, this scent, and I was having a hard time picking out the scents. I am a newbie after all... what attracted me was the idea of roses, bergamot, and honeysuckle. I love roses, earl grey tea, and a honeysuckle jasmine victoria secret scent. I daubed a bit on my wrists at 10 am today and was still getting a lingering scent by 11 pm. I just put on another daub to refresh the scent.


The first few hours I got a kind of stuffy feeling, like a head cold, or a perfume induced fever. Is that the pheromones, cops, or just the strength of the perfume oils? I've tired leather here and there and didn't feel stuffy at all. I was thinking maybe that it was the amber? Does it give fragrances a heavier scent?


From what I understand of perfumes, there is a top scent, middle, and base. So would the bergamot be a top scent, Honeysuckle/Rose as the middle, and amber the base?


By the end of the day, there was a heavier scent and a sticky scent. I want to say my body chemistry absorbed the bergamot and rose to leave the honeysuckle and amber? What i wasn't sure about the sticky smell, if it was the honeysuckle or the cops because it is kinda pungent and funky. Can you still smells cops after it dries down? I am leaning towards the honeysuckle because I am familiar with it the the victoria secret scent secret charm. Maybe the essential oil of honeysuckle is more pungent than a dilluted mass marketed item? Also it wasn't cheesy, just really sharp and distinct. Then again, I'm a baby at this so it could be the cops still.


If you could shed some light on this mystical and magical wold of scents I would be so grateful!


A few side notes:

-I watched Perfume based on a suggestion by a friend, and I was just starting getting interested in LP. It's definitely a twisted movie, but it furthered my interest in the LP. I know I'm going to be hooked. I'm already thinking of crafting the perfect signature scent for me. My poor poor bank account *sigh*


-I tried it out in hopes of seeing a certain someone today. I ran into an acquaintance I haven't seen in a while instead, and I gave him a hug. He saw me and couldn't stop guffawing and giggling for a good minute as I hugged him. I'm pretty sure it was the pheromones. Teehee. So silly!

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Hiya moonholly -- I only tried Catie's once & something in it didn't agree with me (the bergamot I think), so I can't speak to your above...but it's possible your reaction at the beginning is to one or more of the florals... I can get that way with gardenia and magnolia...


as for the phero ... I didn't want to threadjack to your question elsewhere about mixing phero blends, but other than cops being pretty much ok to add to anything, lol, -- here, here, here and here (yup, shamelessly quoting myself on those last two) are some thoughts about mixing other pre-made blends.

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I can certainly see Honeysuckle coming off a s sticky. I have never tried CSBB myself so i can't say for sure. many florals go sharp on me and so can bergamot. The cops smell should be gone after 20 minutes or so. Def a cheesy smell and I think you'd know it if they were still around. Sorry I can't give you a better answer.

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Getting stuffy-headed from smelling perfumes could be allergies...or at least sensitivity. Do you get stuffy every time you've tried it or just the one? May have been a coincidence, or if you are allergic then don't use that one again.


Amber is a basenote. And in this case, could be what you might call sticky....the amber used in this one was musky and animalic.


Bright notes burn off the fastest on my skin type too...bergamot and light florals do not last long on me.


We don't use chemical stabilizers like the commercial sellers do, Moonholly, so the scents WILL change throughout the day and come across as layered and like a scent journey, as opposed to a linear experience.

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Thanks ladies for clearing up my initial questions :)




Halo, my roommate and I have been experimenting with cops occasionally, and you are right. You do definitely know if they are still around. No denying that distinct cop-py smell. I've noticed that it disappears faster on me than my roommate. She usually needs the whole 20 minutes to be safe.


I've tried CSBB another time after testing out other lps. It's not a strong as when I first used it, but I still get put under a slight perfume spell in the beginning. The different phases of each perfume have been interesting to follow. It's an adventure to see how a perfumes change over time, and I appreciate how the exclusion of stabilizers make each scent so unique to the wearer. t's been two months since I've been introduced to LP, and I'm still learning.


Do all amber musks have an animalic quailty?

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lol Moonholly, I was introduced years ago and im still learning !!!


that, my friend, is a good thing.


I get different qualities from different musks myself.

Some make me feel cuddly, others shout I want affection, and some are just pretty.

But they all do have an animalic quality to me personally.

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Do all amber musks have an animalic quailty?


No, this amber is quite different from most that I have. It's more akin to ambergris than pure amber, or a mixture of the two.

People get them mixed up and companies even sometimes misname or misunderstand them.

Amber is NOT short for ambergris, as some people say, they are two different things but often confused.

Ambergris is a waxy musk from whales, (they excrete it in little balls and it can be found along the shorelines), while amber is petrified tree sap.

This particular "amber" used the name amber, but smelled more to me like a mix of amber and ambergris - the latter having the animalic musky quality.


Amber resins have a huge wide range, depending on what kind of tree sap they are made from and what part of the world. There's an untold number of them in the world...I have purchased chunks of amber from all over the planet to smell the differences. Some have a touch of pine smell, or citrus, some are sweeter, some are very dry....

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Moonholly, FWIW, I got my first scent locket yesterday and put some Night of the Fae in it. Now, I've worn that fragrance many times before and never had a problem; I like it a lot. But never having had a scent locket before, I put waaaay too much on the pad and I got all messed up with watery eyes and nose and junk, and had to take it off. Today I'm stuffed up. I also can't do most florals (not all, just most - I have to try 'em out to see). Basically, I'm sensitive, and any scent that is too strong will produce that reaction in me. It sounds like you have a sensitivity to something also; I'm in full agreement with Mara on that. Bless her, she's been helping me with that...

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