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Halo's Lavender Musk


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I'll be waiting for the next edition, Halo! ....Lady V said your PE has Cops effects without Cops included (I don't mind the cheese stinking but some girls do)...it has to be the vanilla musk that's having that Cops effect...or maybe the lavender?


I tested Halo's LM on my bf last night....it is very sexy on him, and more powdery than on my skin. I'm impressed with this potion's longevity...I could still smell it on him in at about 5 am...and I dabbed it on him at about 8 pm....That's like 9-10 hours of longevity...


On me it also lasts forever and it made my bf really cozy at first and then the usual desperate sniffing he does when I wear anything with cops in it, except this time there were no cops, and then just great sex...


Indeed, it is a powerful and beautiful potion with great longevity, amazing projection and Cops like effects (with no cops included)...everyone must try this one sometime

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I wore this secret weapon on Sat afternoon. I was mad at my BF and wanted him to get blue balls, so I slathered this on. I sashayed down the stairs and plopped myself on the couch opposite him and pretended to nap. In less than twenty minutes he was on top of me apologizing and saying all sorts of sweet nothings and said he wanted to make out. I told him no that I hated him and making out was off the table unless he bought me something pretty. Then he started laughing and that made me laugh and all was well in LadyVictoriaandVampireLand.


Next morning he was making breakfast and I was lollygagging upstairs, when I remembered Halo's Lav Musk. I decided to douse myself in it and slithered into the kitchen where he was making eggs. He turned around so fast and came over to hug me and tell me I smelled like Snatch and Sex. I told him that was impossible I wasn't wearing snatch smell. He would not leave me alone, he kept smelling me and telling me how good I smelled, the man could not stop smelling me or keep his hands off of me, and the look he had was something of a puppy and a grizzly bear with a boner.


This stuff is AMAZING. Totally need more.

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I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of this... I love it!! It reminds me very much of another scent I like to wear to bed, and I'm so happy to have this for when that one runs out. It's soft and snuggly!

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This is so pretty! I actually wanted a perfume that smelled just like this, this is the perfume of my dreams. I wasn't sure if I could ever find this scent but here it is on my hand right now. I don't even like lavender but I love this! I can't really smell the lavender, all the notes meld together so smoothly. Such a pretty and feminine skin scent. I'm so lucky that I got a bottle.

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My man is so into this Lavender Musk, he says it's one of the best "non-buttery" scents I have. That says a lot, coming from Mr Butter. He says it's very grown-up, that I should be wearing a fancy gold and bejeweled cocktail dress, "like the one Offred wore when she was dressed up and taken to the "party" at the secret club/ whorehouse. He says it smells like "bright brassy gold, shimmering in candlelight."

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