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Sugared Vanilla Bean


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First review here, from a chronic sample pack-er! :waves!:


I was SO psyched about this sugared scent. I love vanilla, and a few of the other Love Potions things with vanilla in them had made me sure that I would LOVE this. My review? It...did not smell like I was expecting! Out of the vial, it reminded me a lot of the thick vanilla from, say, Love Potion Black. THAT was what I expected, but once it was on me, it changed! It became...darker...browner. Though I've never really smelled fresh vanilla BEANS, I'd be willing to bet that this is much closer to that than it is to the sweet light fluffy (or even thick sweet syrupy) smell I think of when I think "vanilla". Much more like you've got a handful of vanilla beans in your hand and are huffing them. It's still sweet, though not cloying, and I'd say that it's a bit more...mature?...understated?...than most vanilla scents that I've tried. Like the difference between a cheap vanilla cupcake and something handmade that cost you $5 at the coffee shop.

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