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Brandy's Smokey Pumpkin Fluff


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Ok, I just got my PE today and I am just blown away. Mara this is just what i wanted!!!! You captured it beautifully. On wet i get spicy pumpkin, reminicent of Pink Pumpkin Witch. I get just a hint of smoke, which seems to add more depth to the pumpkin. The marshmallow is sweet and starts to come out a shortly after dry down.


love love love!!! This screams Fall just like i hoped!


thank you!

:pumpkin2::hearts09793: :pumpkin: :20628860864593fef0b8f29:

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I know I say this about everything but boy is this aging gorgeously. The pumpkin is VERY fleshy, like the one in Unreasonably Pompkin. It's very marshmallowy and softly spicy. Delicious

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