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Mark's Girl Nip Boosted with Perfect Match...

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A while ago I'd gotten Mark's Girl Nip boosted with the Perfect Match phero blend (good call on the scent by the way, Beccah!) I hadn't posted on it yet because I wasn't exactly sure what I was seeing. The person I had originally bought this to try around is not part of my life anymore (at least right now, don't ask) but I have been trying it around others.


First the scent... I still love the smell of Mark's Girl Nip but it seems to wear close to the skin for me so I may want something with a bit more 'throw' next time. I have some women around me who LOVE this scent and some who think it may be too sweet for a guy but I dig it and nobody has told me they don't like it (I'm around brutally honest people so they'll tell me if they don't). I do have one friend who said it was too sweet and for a guy but then stole it to wear for herself. :Hug_emoticon:


Next, the pheromone blend. One of the big things I noticed is that at least for me this is not an immediate effect type blend. It seems like someone needs to be in my cloud for about 15 minutes before *bam* it is like someone flips a switch. Then I see some interesting things depending on the person. One friend gives me a very doe eyed look like she's in love (but her behavior doesn't change much except for some more hair twirling). Another becomes more touchy feely with me (which was why I'd bought it for the woman not part of my life). Consistently they act more like I'm a guy they may see as a potential romantic partner. Little behavioral changes as opposed to jumping me in a sexual way. More subtle but more lovey dovey. Nice.


I've also noticed that people in general (men and women) are very polite and don't want to stop talking to me. One of the components of this remind me VERY MUCH of P83 from Androtics (a molecule I used to practically bathe in). Something in this feels just like it in how I feel but also how others react. I really wish I knew what component in this was acting like P83 because I'd get an LP boosted with just that!


As for self effects, I get slightly dizzy from this but nothing that is going to cause issues with driving or anything. I also notice that I'm a bit spacy if I'm wearing too much but that seems to have pretty well abated for me. It does put me in a laid back and cheerful mood, though.


I'm considering either getting this unscented or maybe trying this with Excalibur. I seem to resonate better with the loving blends than the SEXUAL ones just because I'm looking for Ms Right and not worried about Ms Right Now (have no trouble attracting those).

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I know this is digging up an old post, but i am curious about two things here. The Mark's Girl Nip sounds like it had amazing reviews. I don't believe they have this anymore. Do they re-brew it ever. I suppose I should ask Mara.


Part 2: You stated that you are an experienced user of P83 from Androtics Direct. I have some of that and I would greatly appreciate any tips on uses for it. Coupling it with any other pheros or if you used it stand alone.


It was very interesting to me in forums so I got some, but not sure what to couple it with or how much to use, etc. If you could shed me some light on your experiences I'd love it.

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Oh man, the Mark's Girl Nip smelled like sexual chocolate. I LOVED that (and so did most women I knew). I am sure that if Mara has the ingredients, she'd be happy to do a rebrew of it for you. I am sure that a few people (like me) would be interested. Tell you what, send me a PM on 'the other forum' and I'll happily answer any questions you have. I'd prefer to keep the phero talk on here focused on what they sell here. I bet Mark's Girl Nip would pair VERY well with the :hearts0425: Throb phero.

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