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First hit and pherospray question


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I recommended pheros to a male friend of mine who just 'can't get no satisfaction' and generally receives the 'get loss creep' reaction from 99% of women despite the fact that he's a very nice lad, he just seems to give off the wrong vibes.


Anyhow Mara concocted a blend of charisma phero x1 in Iconic Tonic, which according to my friend is a fresh and foresty smelling.

My friend thinks he may have had his first hit the other night, he went to a networking event for European business people and had a lady follow him around and then give him her card. He said this never normally happens so concluded that either the lady was trying to do PR for her company or this was a phero hit. I beg the latter.


Anyway he asked me how many spritzes of perfume he should use.

I recommended 2, one to chest and one split between wrists but truly I have no idea as I never use sprays only oil.


Can anyway advise me how many spritzes he should apply and where???

This way my friend can start to work his phero magick on the fair damsels! :perfume::smiley-rpg012::hellow-soldier:



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Indigo, I would suggest to him that he experiment, starting with a smaller amount. I think your advice is right on! 2 full sprays is plenty to start with! After a few uses, noting his results, he might try 3 (maybe adding the 3rd either to his abdomen or the upper back). As many of us have learned, sometimes less is more.


All the best!!

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He's got 1x on the phero blend, and 1/2 strength on the fragrance blend, if I remember correctly, (so he wouldn't go too heavy on the fragrance part.)


2 sprays sounds great to start...one to the chest for sure, and maybe the other to the back of the neck. More heat for dispersal than the hands, and on the hands you are likely to wash it off when you go to the loo!


Glad to hear he's off to a good start!


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Thanks for the answers! I'll pass the info on and let you know when I have more news.

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