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Crafting with intent: why some scented pheros seem to work better on me that unscented!

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I recently found this info piece on the site



I truly can see how certain scented pheros have been ideally crafted with intent. Mara is a genius in that she is able to correlate a mood scent with a pheromone signature.


Some pheros I will always buy unscented, Super Sexy for instance, I love, and unfortunately Detective and the Dame leaked all over my bag when I took the plane, so it died and went to heaven- I wonder if it caused the baggage handlers to feel attracted to my luggage :smiley-sex023: - , but although upset at this premature death of D&D, I just feel unscented SS4W is so much more potent.


Yet somehow certain scented pheros, on my skin, seem to work better at transmitting the intent desired over and above unscented pheros and when worn seem to emit the message in a superior fashion and disperse a phero cloud that due to the scent simply seems to get more attention. It's hard to put it into words really.


Take Cuddlebunny for instance, I also own this in unscented, but somehow I prefer the scented and my other half also seems to react to the scented better even though in phero content it is lower. Somehow the sweet, bubblegummy, pinky, cottonfluff smell seems to fit so perfectly with the mood of the phero that when I wear cuddlebunny scented, I feel super cuddly, girly, cute, loving yet I dont feel nearly as feminine with the unscented. My partner just loves the smell of cuddlebunny scented and whenever I wear it, he says it reminds him of being a small child as the scent evokes some sweeties he used to eat as a sprout. He becomes playful but submissive around me and very loving.

He seems to want to smell me and be close to me a lot more than when I wear unscented CB.


Cougar is another scented pheromone that I wear that I would not ever trade for the unscented. The scent seems to make the pheromones work better somehow, or make people want to breathe it in. I have consistent hits with Cougar and it would come very high on my top ten. Systematically people have complimented me on the perfume without knowing of the pherocontent.


The other day at a work luncheon, my boss and I went to a small Italian place to schmooze a potential client. The lieu is generally warm and despite being high-class has very sardine-can-like seating arrangements. But this worked to my phero-advantage :magicstick: .

It was very warm and I could literally smell the scent of grapefruit filling the air and even I was enthralled and eventually realised it was me disseminating that delicious odour!

I immediately noticed how my colleagues were all leaning in even closer to me on our already cramped table, to huff and inhale the Cougar scent and they seemed very affected. My boss starting singing my praises, our client was all over me and everything I said he seemed to think was brilliant!

It must have been the a-nol paired with the vino :drunk: because suddenly everyone was acting very bubbly and a bit high, definitely a touch of giggliness going on. Even the waiter (and in Europe we don't tip so waiters are often disgruntled and inattentive) kept on coming by our table -more than any other- to check up on us and was giving me some star treatment and being rather flirtatious.

The scent somehow really enabled the pheros to disperse in the air and increase their huffability, when I went to the loo and came back I could even smell cougar in the air around the table. It was a truly fascinating experience.


Finally I have owned EOW for a while and teamed it with various perfumes but have somehow never had the effects that OCCO red, which I recently received, seems to allow for. When I wear EOW layered with a perfume I get perhaps one hit but when I wear OCCO red, I get a lot of DIHL and preferential treatment from men.


I can only conclude that in many scented pheros the scent so exactly matches the intent of the phero and allows it to somehow convey the message wanted so much more clearly and allow the scent to hover around one in the air, that scented pheros can sometimes be more successful than unscented.

Scent somehow seems to add that touch of magick :witch1095:

Mara is truly an amazing lady!


I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences?

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I can only conclude that in many scented pheros the scent so exactly matches the intent of the phero and allows it to somehow convey the message wanted so much more clearly and allow the scent to hover around one in the air, that scented pheros can sometimes be more successful than unscented.

That is the exact purpose and why they do work so well. In prior discussion over the years I've raised the point that although a particular fragrance may be potentially attractive on its own, its primary purpose is to serve as a carrier because it amplifies and underscores the effect of the pheromone or pheromone mix.

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Indigo I love your review! Wow are you wearing SS4W or Cougar because I am all over your shit this am

I agree that Mara crafts every single potion with Intent. I love how Cougar makes me feel - I feel so Sparkly and Girly when I wear Sparkle Fuschia, and I feel glamour puss when I wear Cougar Scented. I have SS4W un Oil and I love it, but I really want to try it in a scent- I have Det and Dame but I haven't really given it a whirl.

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Teddy Man worked so much better for me than UN Teddy BB! The scent makes me feel warm and fuzzy and so relaxed. I don't feel anything with the unscented version. Happy Ending seems to work much better for me than BAM. I thought the higher concentration of pheros would make it work better but nope. I have learned my lesson. The pheros need a scent in order to work and the higher concentration isn't necessarily better!

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I love that there are options here of unscented and scented. Even with the unscented, there are so many perfume options here to try and make your own fabulous combination.


My favorite scented phero perfume / mix has to be Glistening Buttons and MRF. I love both scents, and I've found the self-effects of both scents are just. amazing.

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