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Extracurricular Proclivities with Bang!

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...I sort of don't like it, and yet... I can't stop smelling it? I huff it in and my eyes just glaze over. I want to start drooling. WTF is this??


I feel exactly the same way about this. I sort of don't like it, but I must sort of like it too, because I always find myself popping the top off my sample vial, to have a little huff.


I did, however, LOVE the effects of Bang! ;) Fun stuff.

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Although no one else seems to have had this type of reaction reading back.


I often seem to be the one person having a different reaction to everyone else hehe... just look at my reactions to alpha androstenol :P

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PM did you mean testing SS4W with SS4M? You mean worn together on the same person?

I meant wearing SS4W + C + Est, though far far away from any gay hangouts.


Synergist your reaction to Alpha -enol does not seem all that strange in my esperiences.

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Well, much as I don't like this, I realised when I wore Far Far Away, I also had a tiny dab of this on too, so I figured I should test it alone, not keen on the smell or not, so I put some on my legs(shorts on, short ones), right before my food shopping guy turned up a bit early. Well I think I got him 'cos he very patiently explained the whole refund process on substituted items and then told me all over again later on, like he didn't want to go, he was nice looking too! Very tall and tanned with big hands...I digressss lol..As for me, mmm I like how this makes me feel, goes well with the sunshine, I'm all mmmmm I feel HOT! It also has a feeling of...'yeah you should find me attractive' about it and a bit of 'I don't give a shit if you don't like me' confidence.


Gonna have to buy this next! Don't like the scent though, but don't care. My ex was nice too. Thanked me for the food HE brought over from a family friends house that he then shared with me. That made me laugh! Later he came back with the kid's bits and pieces he'd forgotten like nightmare-kitty and gave me a bottle of wine the family friend had refused to take.

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Finally got around to writing up a full review for this. I can’t believe I haven’t written a proper review for this yet. I could go on and on about it.


Pheromone ingredients: Contains Bang!, a phero blend that contains estratetraenol, copulins and a phero blend of Super Sexy for Women. SS4W contains estratetraenol, alpha androstenol, DHEA, tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone, and androstanone. So basically, it’s a phero blend, within a phero blend, within a fragrance :P I like to think of it as SS4W + Cuddle Bunny.


Price: Standard good price of $29.95 per 10ml bottle, or $5 per 1.5ml trial vial. I have the trial vial and a full bottle of this will be making its way into my next order.


Presentation: The label is sexy as hell, which is nice but means I don’t know if I want to have it in my bag, it’s a little too attention grabbing. I might need to decant this into smaller bottles to take out with me. Silly me, it took me a fair bit of staring at the picture to figure out the hand thing going on on the girl’s back. At first I was all, what the? Is there another person? Is this an error?? I can be a dolt sometimes... lol


Smell: This is normally a smell I wouldn’t like, and I have this potion to thank for expanding my world of scents. When I first smelt this I thought, oh yuck, MUSK, that NEVER works on me. Previously I had always gone for light, sweet, fruity blends, as soon as anything went deep or spicy, as soon as I saw the words amber, patchouli, musk, resin... I knew I wouldn’t like it. But this one smells like all the things I shouldn’t like, and yet I love them. It is all sexy honey and incense, beautiful sultry depth, with just a little amber and resins, a bit of berry, and smooth vanilla underlying it all. I get a lot of comments on this one, although indirectly as a lot of people don’t recognise the smell is coming from me, probably because it’s not a usual “me” smell – I’ve had a few “God it smells nice in here!” or “is someone burning incense? It’s heavenly!” type comments from guys. No comments from girls, which makes me think it is the sex appeal in this smell that is doing it for the guys.


Results: I think my first post on this potion pretty much sums it up...


Umm, wow...


I got this as a trial sample and have only just got a chance to open it and take a sniff. I put a little on my wrist just to test. It was musky and deep in a way that I normally don't like... but...


Umm... it had an effect on me...


A tingly, aroused effect...


I sort of don't like the smell, and yet... I can't stop smelling it? I huff it in and my eyes just glaze over. I want to start drooling. WTF is this??


My male flatmate, who I'm not at all interested in, just walked in to say good night... and I think I may have just sexually propositioned him??


What the hell just happened?!?


So basically... I have to watch myself carefully on this! It is like instant arousal for me. And from what I’ve seen on others, the effect isn’t too far off on them either.


Arousal aside, this has other great self effects for me. I instantly feel playful, naughty, and very sexy. It flirts with heading in a nasty, catty direction, but doesn’t quite get there, just hints at it enough to give it that edge. Mischievous is the best word I can use for it. It is all sexy beast confidence, “look at me”, prancing around and knowing everyone’s eyes are following me.


I’ve been wearing this out with just a spray of Pink Sugar to soften it, as it almost seems TOO sexy. I’m almost too scared to wear it to work, but I think I should sometime just for the sake of experimentation. However, wearing it to dancing is where I have got the most noticeable results. It definitely seemed to have a testosterone raising, almost animalic effect on guys (is animalic a word? Well if not I’m still using it, because it sums it up nicely :P).


One much older guy at dancing – let’s call him Roger – just about went nuts. He’s normally pretty sleazy around younger girls, but it’s toned down to an acceptable level – I guess he has learnt to behave himself over the years. But this seemed to make him abandon all restraint and become completely blatant. Dancing with him was almost a little dangerous. This is NOT night club dancing, it’s a sultry style but not blatantly sexy – suitable for the retirement area I live in, and most of the dancers are 50+ years old, so we’re not talking anything Patrick Swayze here. So it was weird and very wrong when Roger started thrusting back and forth against me, not actually making contact, but in a very sexual way, taking deep huffs in of my scent each time, breaking out in a sweat even though the room was quite cool. And this was just after he commented that I smelled “wonderful”, and said he wanted to get closer to me to breathe in my scent. Worse, when we started to dance properly he almost immediately put me into a move where my arms were behind my back and neck, almost an arm lock, where I felt completely exposed and vulnerable. He then leaned it close to me, forehead against mine, and all but kissed me! I actually had to struggle away and politely excuse myself from the rest of the dance, I felt a little like I was being assaulted. He seemed to realise himself after that and backed off, but it was pretty awkward. I couldn’t get away from him fast enough!


This negative experience aside, I loved the effect this had on everyone else. A few guys seemed to respond like they wanted to impress me, especially physically, which is very fun when dancing. I has some amazing, sexy, creative dances with guys who were going all out to show me their best dance moves, and were all but throwing me around the dance floor. They just took charge completely and I could do nothing but go along for the ride – it was incredible.


The newer or less experienced guys, however, seemed to not take it as well. I got a few DIHL looks, and the less confident guys seemed to be a bit disarmed, forgot moves, got clumsy, and messed up more often, then got very embarrassed and apologetic when they did.


I decided that this is not really a “fair” mix to wear to dancing, at least not to the beginner class – it just throws everyone off their game too much, and they seem to take self-esteem blows more than they normally would when they mess up in front of me, like they are ashamed to have failed to “impress” me, no matter how nice I am to them about it. But the advanced class – oh hell yeah!


This one is powerful and dangerous stuff, but incredibly fun when used right. Wear with caution!

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I have a sample of this and wore it to work. Cinnamonmel had it right. I felt hot! And also like of course others should find me hot, too. Like it was a given. It didn't make me feel cocky, though, despite that last sentence. More like "I feel hot, and I understand if you also find me hot. If you don't, I'm not bothered."


I also feel that this particular concoction helped a couple of coworkers feel more at ease around me. I got to talk with two guys I work with on two different breaks, and I didn't want to leave because they just opened ALL THE WAY up. THEY didn't want me to leave, either. The reason this is significant is because we had really never talked that much before, and when we did it was all work related. But this was different, more personal. About life and love, ups and downs, dreams and goals for the future. It was WEIRD. It was effortless and the most comfortable sort of talking we had ever done. Like we had been really good friends for a long time. One of them even gave me a hug after.


The scent is incensey but I kinda dig it.


I've got UN Bang! coming to me and wonder if it will have the same effect less the dose of cops.

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Guest icing

Wherever I am, whenever I wear this, people stop and ask me what I'm wearing or say that they love it.


It literally smells like burning, sweet, spicy incense, and that and Mara's Rocket Fuel with Blatant Invitation, seem to bring in the most perfume-related compliments I've ever had.

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Took it to work again. Like I said, I really dig the scent of this one, but the girls on either side of me kept sneezing and maybe I'm paranoid, but I think it may have had to do with my scent? Maybe not. Anyway, no one attributed it to my scent and everyone was in a jovial mood. We cracked each other up all day.


So I was talking to one of the girls when I looked up and realized a guy was staring at me and smiling. He couldn't have been more than six feet away so I'm pretty sure he was in my cloud if not directly on the edges of it. He was in a line that had started to move, so he started to walk forward while still staring and he walked into the lady in front of him and she dropped her stuff and he dropped his, lol. That has never happened to me in my life. It was hilarious.


I got other hits, but they were minor in comparison. This one was my favorite.


And again with the deeper conversations with co-workers. I am really starting to love this effect. It makes everyone feel good and comfortable opening up. The girls around me seemed to not want to go anywhere and talked and talked. One about her roommate situation and the other about marital troubles. The one who told me about her marriage is new, we've only ever worked together twice so I can't say whether or not she's this open all the time. But after my talks with coworkers last time, I want to say it's the pheros.


Edit: To add more details about different effects on different individuals.

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I took out my sample for retest since there are limited bottles left .... I do get some berries but primarily incense. This is way too dark for me so I'll leave the last couple of bottles for you ladies.

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Sooooo I wore this again today. It's still not my favourite smell in the world but I like it a whole heap better than in the beginning. New finding: it makes my mother happy. It also makes her giddy and a spending monster. She declared after we had been shopping all day and got lost twice and had no lunch, that today had been like a mini holiday. I kid you not.


In one of the shops went went in there was a boy of indeterminable age (16-19 maybe? maybe more. I'm useless) with a kind of I'm waiting for someone parent-like who is shopping while I am not kind of look about him, hanging around the end of the aisle, smiling goofily looking at some unlikely ornaments. So I guess I got him with my Ex-pro. The changing room guy also gave me the same goofy smile. I LOVE Bang!


Distance phero-ing- my favourite boy text me in an uncharacteristic way to tell me just how he was feeling and where he'd most like to be :P He HAS been extra flirty this weekend, so you can call it coincidental if you like. It was still good :)

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I don't know how I feel about incensey scents. And I'm afraid my skin will amp the incense and that's all that will be detected by my sniffer. D:


With that said, I ordered a bottle unsniffed because there was only one left. .__.


I'm not a big incensey lover either, but I adore it. There is just something about it... I can't say what, you will just have to sniff it and see for yourself...


And of course if you don't like it I'm sure I could be persuaded to take the bottle off your hands, hehehe ;)

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I get other notes as well, it's not all incense but a blend of some other juicy, honey, musky stuff as well. It's one of those smells that is nicer if you don't huff it in close, just let it waft around you. Lots of other people have commented on this smell on me as well, in a positive way.

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