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Close Friends gathering for 50th suprise party (small event)

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Tomorrow I'm going to a good friend of mine's 50'th surprise party. It will be very small, only women and teen aged daughters, about 10 people.


I've known these ladies (except two I've never met) for 15 years.


Wanna test drive one of my new Phero UN samples (in spray form) should I choose:


Open windows

Pop potion (in Darling Clementine)

Treasured Hearts

Heart and Soul


which would you all wear?


PS do I need a heavy cover scent for any of those except POP potion?


Thanks guys

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I would say either Open Windows or Treasured Hearts, given how long you've known almost everyone in attendance.


I've known them all for 10+ years.


Open Windows it is then....



PS What's the diff between PP and OW?

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Popularity Potion is a bit more complex than Open Windows. It has a more specific agenda too... to impress, but remain likable. Glamorous, sexy, powerful, but still approachable and friendly.


Imagine you are a starlet at an industry party, or someone at any social+business function, or at your high school reunion. You want to shine, you want to come off as one of the most interesting people in the room, spotlight on you, attention attention attention. But you do NOT want that little group in the darkened corner...the one whispering, "OMG, HATE her! What's she got that I haven't got?" You want to welcome the group of catty people into your circle of light...have them laugh along with you and enjoy your shine too. You want everyone to like you, and to be enjoying your glow along with you.


That's the kind of situation we designed Popularity Potion for. This blend is engineered to make a gal shine, but most importantly, to quell the jealousy feelings that can arise when someone else is the center of attention.


I live in Hollywood and spent many years in the entertainment industry. Parties are part of your job around here, but they are not just for fun, they are crucial for employment. When I had this blend designed for us, it was this kind of dynamic I had in mind.

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Hmmm. ..... The party was actually a colossal BORE think-"couples with white picket fences and SUV mentalities and everything they say (including funny anecdotes) is boringly predictable....



Towards the end, I did meet a lady who raises emus. I spent the remainder of my time there talking with her (we raise our own beef) At least she had a pulse......


I should have let off an A-nol melt in the room or something....MAN!

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I did, but I think even OW wouldn't work on androids. Their immune


Sorry it sucked. I wonder what would have happened if you phero bombed them with an upper like anol or did a more sparkly one like Cougar or SS4W or PP? If you would even want to be the belle of the boring ball?

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Yeah, being the belle of that ball is like being crowned the Queen of the Clones....


Sometimes I just feel so .....gah! so different. Not Like i'm the cool, disassociated artist trapped in a mediocre community...I don't want to come off sounding suuperior to the SUV serfs, it's just that people PLEASE, can we just step out the box a TEENSY bit every now and then?


just once I'd like to pull up to someones house for a party only to find out they live in a tree house, a house boat, a STORAGE SHED, and there would bee Jim Morrison blasting through the speakers....


Instead I bumble through the neighborhood (cause every house LOOKS the freakin' same) and it's the same bland conversations about soccer, colleges, and book club....The husbands assess had all fallen off years ago along with thier balls which were given up freely to their wives (all domineering, social climbing tightasses who've had their legs sewn shut) and everyone walked around like zombies.... so I thought I'd ask if anyones watching American Horror Story. (gasps all around) "Oh that's so DARK."


Oh...so I guess you're in the Desparate Housewives camp then....

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