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Mother's Little Helper - INappropriate for work??

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I'm debating which of the UN-samples I'll be getting this month... TOO TEMPTING!


I haven't worn any of the 'Swimming With Sharks' blends so far...the fragrances haven't worked for me sadly...so that one is good.


I'm wondering if I should think about Mother's Little Helper...description is:


"An UNscented pheromone blend for women to help create a sea of peace and calm, pleasant interactions, warmth, coziness, friendliness and helpfulness...while secretly exerting a little authority too. ;) "


I'm specifically looking for some good work-pheros. Honestly? Most of the people here DO act like children much of the time, lol... is there anything about the blend that might make one appear LESS "in charge" or too pliable?

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I test drove it this weekend, (look in my journal for morbid details ha!)


I think it would be worksafe. My results are not conclusive yet ( I like to give things at least 3 tries before making a judgement) but there is no odor, and I want to say I felt calm and in control of my emotions...not in control period, just master of my own sh**.

Perhaps my kids picked up on this vibe and followed suit? WE had an epic car trip so I spritzed that on (three sprays on clothing from trial vial)


Does that help?

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Katz, I thought you might like the new Shark Whisperer.

Looking at the ingredients in this blend,any of them,actually,is only partially helpful without knowing the balance of amounts,but from what I see it should be similar to BB & B2, IMO ...far from being a guru :lol: Try it and let us know :) I will be getting this soon!

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