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Complete n00b pheromone question...


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Hi Forum, and Happy Thanksgiving!


I am new to the world of pheromones generally, and to pheromone-perfume mixing specifically, so here goes... Are there rules regarding which pheromones go with which perfume, or can any pheromone be worn under any virgin perfume?


And then, does it make sense to mix a sexy virgin scent with a popularity or calming pheromone if the sexiness is intended to be super subtle? (i.e. Swimming with Sharks with, say, a virgin Glistening Buttons, something like that, as opposed to a smutty-sexy scent with drool-inducing pheromone...)




(P.S. And I mean smutty in the best way, of course! I am not anti-smut! :) )

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It makes perfect sense, Merrie!


I also do this kind of mixes all the time with already boosted potions and now that I'm trying my phero trial sprays I'm starting to layer everything...cute fragrances with horny pheros for example...Spinerett w/Sexpionage



I have mixed my pheroed LPs with my commercial fragrances (like Lolita Lempicka with Flying Potion because they have a matching note, anise), or virgin LPs with other LPs (LP Red w/LP Black)...but I think there are some that have more layerable or mixing potential than others like FP, Pherogirl, Sugared Honeycomb (haven't tried this one, but everyone loves it here!), the LP colors like Red, Black or Pink,...so what you are doing makes sooo much sense to me...share your layering/mixing discoveries that work for you!

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Yes, do share! I get great ideas here all the time...


I think what may have prompted your question though is that you've probably noticed a lot of people tend to do certain kinds of scents with certain kinds of pheros. That's often not because there's some rule, but because certain scents (honey, heavy resins, syrupy fruit) so reliably cover cops and other phero smells (eg, EST) better than others do. But if you like a very sheer floral, there's nothing to stop you from putting it over a very stinky blend like sexpionage, as long as you're willing to do the full drydown- I never am patient enough :)

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