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Message in a Bottle & Closer

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Tried this combo the other day for shits & giggles. Loved the scent it created. I'm not eloquent like the rest of you in describing it. I just loved it. Quite strong right after application. 10 minutes later it mellowed. Went out shopping and I was getting all kinds of attention from shoppers. They, male and female both, kept walking by me more than once. Sharing a smile and a nod. One gentleman followed me around this particular store and kept smiling away. The store clerks were more attentive than usual. I blamed it on the holiday shopping, but no. I was the only one they repeatedly came up to asking if I needed assistance and two at a time in one shop. Interesting!! :D

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For me Message in a Bottle was very smooth and mellow, the vanilla and musk were most prominent both wet and after it dried down. I was hoping for a bit more frankincense but I may not have applied enough! I didn't seem to get any hits (me or with others) from the pheros though, could have just been me yesterday. But I'll try again. I loved the scent though.

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