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How long do pheros last?

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Hi ho,


I'm pretty sure I got a couple of hits this morning (my first!) but I only used the Rocket Fuel last night, nothing today. Could it be a residual thing? Do pheros last that long?





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I've had that happen once, a morning-after thing - very recognizably the effects of the particular phero - and I'd even SHOWERED that morning, wasn't wearing any new pheros, and wasn't wearing any of the same clothes.... but otherwise not- or maybe it's that I haven't noticed because I haven't expected to see anything so I haven't been looking...


I feel like oil pheros directly to skin last at least 4 hours, maybe longer. Sprays seem to vary but I think more like 2-3 hours, at least on me...


I remember one particular TG would start to get coming-down grouchies off ss4w (oil) right in the 3-4 hour range (or it's possible he's just a moody shit)

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I find oils last longest at about 5 hours and seem to peak at around 2:30- 3 hours when I get the most hits.

Silicone DPG lasts about 1-2 hours on me and sprays last about 2 hours also.

That's why I love oil, even though it does not have as much throw, you don't need to reply and I always get the most hits.

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