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Ruisseau with MVP

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John-John totally nailed the "clean green" vibe with this one; it's sort of a mix, to me, between a watery green and a "shower fresh" kind of evocation. There's a bit of zing to it, not quite spicy, just a little bite, which might be the red current (although It doesn't smell like it normally does to me). It's medium-weight, I think, in terms of how it wears because the musk makes it cling a bit but it's not overwhelming. Quince kept this one, it's exactly the kind of thing he believes he should smell like.

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Honestly, prolonged exposure makes me a little shaky, but admittedly I was huffing Q (and myself because I had put on a dab); it's really more for guys to wear, IMO. But you can get this one un-phero'ed.

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WATER ACCORDS ~ Cleansing, purifying, renewal.
BAMBOO ~ Protection, hex breaking, luck and wishes, fertility, wisdom.
TEAKWOOD ~ Longevity, bonding, weathering all conditions, endurance.
EVERGREENS ~ Fertility, purification, strength, rejuvenation, calming and soothing, healing, protection, money, long life.
THYME ~ Protection from negativity, rejuvenating. Health, healing, sleep, psychic power enhancement, love, purification, courage.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.
CURRANT ~ Aids success in love affairs, and a magical representation of blood.

This is just how it has been described: a very good clean, green scent by Le Wiz (John). It is not as outdoorsy as some of his scents (Moon of the Falling Leaves or Winter Wizardry) but the water accords, teakwood, and evergreens notes take it right to the edge of outdoorsy. Instead, it holds back and stays work friendly. The water accords and the bamboo take it to the edge of being a delicate oriental scent, but the teakwood and musk keep it well in a solid masculine range.

Ruisseau also has the MVP pheromone mix in it. MVP has Alpha-Androstenol and a balanced blend of Androsterone and Androstenone. The blend of Androsterone and Androstenone creates an "alpha-male" aura while the Alpha-Androstenol gives you a friendly, outgoing kind of vibe. I have worn Ruisseau while doing some pretty big ticket item shpping one time and ended up walking away with a 50% discount. It saved me a few thousand dollars.

Ruisseau is one of those scents that you can wear anywhere: work, home, shopping, or out on a date. It is certainly worth a sample and you will probably agree with LMartin that is is worth a full bottle for a good every day scent.


ETA: I now have two bottles of this one.

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Does anyone have any reviews for the pheromone MVP? (Or is there a link-- have been unable to find it despite searching)

I got some of the UN for a friend and wanted to show him reviews.

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