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Super for Men 2

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Kayso husband tried this one last night. I really liked it on him. The amber was not as strong on this one and I did smell the pipe tobacco, but on him it smelled really nice. No eucalyptus though. Mostly woodsy-which I thought was incredibly sexy.


And the SS4M? fuggedaboutit! I'll have to have him try it again to make sure, but um...within minutes after he put it on well....you know the rest :wink88:




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Have to mention this to the LP board:


Husband went to a doc appt this week wearing this. Remember, he doesn't know there are any phero's in it. He is not the kind of man to send out signals. Quite aloof in fact if you don't already know him....


So he comes home scratching his head telling me the nurse there to take his vitals kept dropping things and then finally asked him if he had pancakes for breakfast this morning.. (which is sort of how I smell it on him but better than just pancakes)


He says, "no" not even thinking it may be his scent. And he goes, "she must have been a new nurse b/c she had to take my bp twice and seemed incompetent with the equipment." I was rolling and told him it was his Supper for men. He didn't believe me when I told him that there is something in it that smells foody and familiar at first, but then.... something else.... and it makes me (and apparently this nurse) want to move in to get a better whiff.


He still doesn't believe me. But c'mon, we all know better don't we?

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I think I menitoned on the original SUPER review thread that Quince refuses to wear this in public because he said, "It makes people want to talk to me!" and that unnerves him, the dear thing. :lol:

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LOL!!!!!! I have a dear male friend who, when I tried to drag him along on something I did not want to be perceived as a date, replied "I don't even like having lunch with people I KNOW." and that was the end of that.

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Super for men 2 is a nice scent.It starts of fairly sweet with maple but is balanced well with its tobacco and lavender notes.Its pretty strong smelling for around the first 20 minutes but once it dries down,it is an excellent smelling scent.You get a slightly smoky sweet scent with a hint of lavender.There are other notes but im sure a better nose than me will be able to pick them out(>_<)The level of sweetness is just right and is enough to reel them in while not smelling too much like food.Once its dried down,its also mild enough to be smelt easily without suffocating people near you(:-p)Its a definite night scent and would be a great scent for dates or intimate encounters.Would test the pheromones in it but dont have any willing participants at the moment.Maybe soon(^_^) Its definitely one that smells better on the skin than in the bottle so everyone should give it a chance to merge with your chemistry and make your own unique scent.My skin tends to amp the sweet parts of scents interestingly enough.

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Nice review Meng!...I wear a dab or two of this myself at times just because of that sweet smoke vibe,a favorite type of mine :D


Haha,yup.Sweet smokey smells are nice(^_^)


I think part of the fun of phero use is to create willing participants! :P


Lol,true enough.I need to get out more and find some :P i have enough pheromones to sink a ship,lol

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WOW! This one is REALLY nice.


I used the sample vile to create a spray for hubby and he wore it for me today.


We made a quick morning dash to the store and I was walking behind him just to be in his scent trail :lol: It definitely boosted his mood and made him more talkative and playful, made me a bit more giddy than my norm and playful too. I left him to wander off a few times and saw him getting glances when he passed by a handful of different women. Two even stopped their conversation to look once he walked by. PRICELESS! A guy at the one counter went out of his way to check in the back of the store on something when my husband asked him about one of their products and was all smiles when he returned with items in hand! Even the cashier was sneaking peeks - it was awesome!


All that from only - I think - 3 & a half sprays (first time using the bottle, took a couple pumps to get the first spray) from a 5ml spritzer.


He said he likes the scent but still prefers Voracious...but said he would wear Super again. SO, I may be able to get another cologne for him in the future if he likes it enough, but he's a terrible creature of habit...


Wanted to add that he sprayed the front of his shirt, so the scent was purely fantastic on it's own w/o being altered by his chemistry. Wonder how it will differ on his skin with his chemistry...

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