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Wow, what a wonderful time here, I'm new and hello!


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I'm MsBliss and a newbie. I have been having a fantastic time reading and learning--in fact, it was so compelling reading that I have been up all night. Just want to say hello and let you know I'm looking forward to spending time and sharing what I learn here at LP.

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Welcome to our home :) ...you have found the best place to be,ohhh how I can relate to reading this forum with a passion when I first found it...still do :lol:

LpMP is a truly magickal adventure!

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Hi, Ms Bliss!

Welcome to the LP Passion...one feels like a learning sponge at first right?

Glad to have you with us here, please do tell us about your first purchase, how did you feel when you got your first LP box of lovelies?? That is soooo exciting and truly a magical moment...

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