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Dilema Heart and Soul

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I am meeting my love at a 4 hour practice session ( NLP) and I am unsure what pheromones to wear. I want us to have a deep communication on that day but must admit I want it to start of light,like a social lubricant and then to really connect and resonate .

I'm thinking of wearing Heart & Soul for the latter , but really unsure about the former. I like the idear of using a spray formulae as i like the way they diffuse more quickly. Heart & Soul i have as a oil .

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm thinking about it way too much!


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Heart & Soul is great for what you want to use it for. The oil diffusion shouldn't be a problem as you will most likely be with 1-2 feet of each other, no? Just cover with a fragrance that he will want to get closer to you to smell ;)

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What about Treasured Hearts? I used this on my family once and we had great communication. Then I stopped using it because it was weird and I prefer the yelling and insults.

From personal experience, H&S is more suited toward romantic endeavors.

LP Red if you want him unable to focus on ANYTHING else but you, LP SS:09 if you want it to be warm/fuzzy minus the intensity, lol.

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