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A Treasure of Silver


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  • 5 months later...

I think I bought this thinking it would be a "snow" scent with the frankincense along the lines of Snow Musk. I'm not quite sure where it fits in my yearly seasonal rotation, so I just keep moving it along from month to month waiting for the month that feels right.


I would describe it as powdery, clean (almost a shampooey scent), romantic, and white. Along the lines of Sneaky Clean; I have never smelled LP White. I really get the jasmine out of this and I think that is the one note that stands out too much to me; I am not a floral person. However, none of the florals are pointy. It's just that the jasmine overwhelms the scent for me a little. Because it is romantic and soft and doesn't bring a particular season to mind for me, I will keep it out all year round. I do have to use a lighter application as some florals give me headaches after a day of wearing them.

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