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Bonding Pheromones

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Hi Gals,

Hope you are all well...


I need some advice on what are the best pheromones and perfumes to enhance bonding.

Where my relationship is at the moment "Bonding and communication " is my highest priority right now.

I have in my kit bag at the moment :

  • Heart and Soul
  • Cuddle bunny scented

Many Thanks in advance...


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There was another thread on this recently and Mara had great advice but I am not good at searching for random threads!!

But I remember that anything with Beta-nol is great for this.

Heart and Soul, Perfect Match, maybe Empathy Potion? (haven't tried this myself),

Sexology (Beta-nol, EST, cops).

Hopefully someone else will chime in with personal experiences.

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I would suggest Heart & Soul, in my experience it is a great bonding & communication phero. Especially if you're SO responds well to est.

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