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Valentine's day stalking


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Stalking por aqui, stalking por alla...

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Sunshine........SUNSHINE?! We don' need no stinkin' sunshine... *slouches off chuckling around cigar clenched in teeth*





Good one !! :lol:


...Stalkin' on Sunshine :hearts09793:

DANGIT CALII NOW I'VE GOT THAT SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD! *tosses cigar away and grooves off humming and snapping fingers* Edited by ElizabethOSP
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I'll have the labels up in a few hours.... go enjoy sunshine until then please!



A few hours? Whhaaaaaat? But, it's almost 10pm here....a few hours will make it the middle of the night... I've got an early start tomorrow morning so I can't stay up for much longer :(

Everyone else will get a head start on me sniff.....This darn time difference ain fair I tell ya! :(

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