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OK, so what are we all ordering/considering?


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Last month I ordered:


All Hallows Eve w/ Lumina

Bosom Bows 3

Darling C


Torrid Socery

Sneaky Clean

Beth's BM

Irresistible Forces

Compromising Positions


LP Red Lace


Cuddle Bunny 09


My freebies:

LP AE 2010

LAM Orchid Rose

OCCO Purple

LV's Rose Cookies

The Prince and Showgirl

Lorien's Blueberry Bomb

Ambrosial Summer

Ail's VV

Mellonia's Secret


This month, I didn't get much because I'm saving for November!


Empathy & Harmony

Lick of Pink boosted w/ HS


Freebie is- Vicars & Tarts



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I just put in another order and it's mainly to share with my sis and my daughter:


Caramel Musk

Orchid Musk

Exotic Musk


OCCO Ambrosia

Sneaky Clean


My freebies are:

Babes in the wood

Naked Dawn

Pillow Patter

Sugar Plum Fae


Wanted to order some UN PM but this is not available.

Treasures of Pearl

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Bah, well I missed Caramel musk and had to spend more than I planned to make myself feel better lol. Sampler x 2, 1 for me, 1 for gift, Ebil Ginger Cookies spray, freebie Fayha, freebie Ambrosial Summer


Ooooh Ebil Ginger Cookies in a spray - now that's an awesome idea!!

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I placed an order Friday:


PE remake of Shelly's B-Gasm x2

Pouncing Potion fb

Hearts Ease fb

Super for Men sample

Phero Girl sample


P.S- where is Shelly? Hope it's ok to ask...she has so many blends but I haven't seen any posts from her. I'm just asking out of curiosity :)


She stopped posting here mostly because of a divorce/custody battle. I still talk to her. I can tell her you said hi. Or she is on FB. You on FB?

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I finally got myself full-size bottles of the three new musks (pumpkin, chocolate, caramel) after mistakenly getting 1/6 oz bottles when the NRs first came out. Funny thing is I was planning to get a trio of 1/6 oz ones for my friend's birthday anyway, so it's just a timing switch-up.

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Yes, tell her hi, and that I'm loving her PE's. And yes I'm on FB, can I post my name, or is that against the rules?

Thanks Halo :)


Arrrrgggh :lol: I give up!!! there is a thread here in a non-public section with FB names for those so inclined, will keep looking but if someone else remembers where the heck it is,please put me out of my misery :rofl222:

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I confess I caved, and one more bottle of Spider Silk is gone...(WHAT kind of long-term LP lover would I be if I didn't get this LEGENDARY scent?!) as well as a bottle of Watson for the man (ok, well, it's really for me too but...) and samples of The Dark, and Espiritual.

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I did not order Spider Silk because I know I won't LOVE it and I don't want to hoard a bottle from someone who would. I did however order bottles of DBAOTD, Midnight Masquerade, Spell Weaver and Sveet Tooth, the sampler plus 2 bars of LP Original soap and forum samples of Jack and Spiced Cider Pudding.


I better love everything. My trade list is getting pretty long.

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I showed restraint and only ordered a small bottle of Choco Musk and a bottle of Purple Pastry, with freebie samples of Sveet Tooth and Spiced Cider Pudding.

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I hate to say it but I might have to make another order this month, had to get a bottle of certain things that were running out, teacher's pest, wolf and the shepherdess, spidersilk and sugarplum fae. I feel bad for spending $100 in one sitting but it has been a while... and oh yeah freebie samples of treasure of gold and spell weaver.

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Ugh, the decision is SO hard to make!!! The new releases are awesome, I know I'll want pheros next release, plus I'm sure I need backups of Lick of Cream, Licorice Wands, Lady Frost, BAM and OCCO.

How on earth do I get all the goodies that I must have? :Emoticons04280::Emoticons00810: Being addicted sucks LOL.

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I ordered TOO much, but this is part of my money fairy order, because normally I wouldn't be able to spend so much.


Love Potion body cream with Cops

UN Bang




OCCO White, Pink and Blue

OCCO Ambrosia boosted with Lace

Unreasonable Pumpkin boosted with Cougar

A Lick of Pink boosted with Perfect Match

Lady V's Cherry Rose boosted with Treasured Hearts

LP AE 2009 boosted with Sexpionage

Sneaky Clean (one oil, one spray)

October Sampler

Midnight Masquerade

Jewels of Avalon

Spider silk

Spell Weaver

Caramel Musk

Pumpkin Musk

And a few samples for my hubby


Can't wait to get my order!



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