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Invidiana's Anti-Valentine


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The first words I had for this were hooooooly crrrrrrap.


In a Billy-Connolly-esque Glaswegian accent.


Loud enough for the neighbors' neighbors to hear.



I always thought red velvet cake and Chambord were a natural pairing. I've looked up several recipes merging the two with all the intent of making one but never got around to it. I still swear I will. Anyway, wet I immediately get a blast of a nice dense chocolatey red velvet cake and boozy raspberry gloop galore, orgasmic enough in itself, but it only keeps getting better on the drydown! The more it dries, the more the depth of the different chocolates, plus the Chambord and black raspberry notes, comes through--and the vanilla. Damn. Shamelessly thick and boozy Bourbon vanilla is the perfect frosting for this which doesnt overpower the raspberry-booze-soaked cake as I imagine a cream cheese frosting note would (and while I love my cream cheese frosting I really wanted the cake and Chambord to be the stars in this) but adds its own sweet creamy and sensual booziness to the picture. Finally, that hint of dragonsblood resin veils it in a deep sexiness that entwines seamlessly with the dark bloody fruit liquor with its own natural dark-fruit undertones, but you know isn't just from the fruit but can't quite place until you cheat and look at the description. There should be a warning label on this that says wear at your own risk of you or other people gnawing your skin off.


Mara, this is a bloody masterpiece. :LuvU396:

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Nice description. I can almost taste it!! I was intrigued when I saw this in the new released, but thought I wouldn't like to smell like chocolate. Based on your review though, there are many more notes to just the cake and chocolate.....hmmmm.

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Duuude this is WOW! Is this the month of the AMAZING PES or what? I am so happy I snagged a bottle. I love Chambord. It's very Tudors and goth to me and I have always loved to drink it straight up as a shot. Indi this is perfect! Wet I get all Chambord yumminess with some deep velvety back

note that blends beautifully together with the chocolate. It's so rich and velvety! I get a juicy dark dark red with wafts of purple. I feel like Elvira wearing this..


It's beautiful and reminds me of my favorite black red roses- black baccara and black magic drenched in Chambord with chocolate drizzled on top. I am very happy that you did not choose cream cheese- this is complete unique and with a goth twist on a traditional valentine dessert.

I wish there was more. Total winner! The label is lives up to it's scent!

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I was very lucky to get my hands on a bottle of this gem!


I had very high expectations and Invi's Anti-Valentine´s exceeded them...I was totally blown away by this scent, Invi and Lady V describe it to perfection...it is magnificent, and I feel like royalty wearing this! It feels very Tudor-esque....


When wet the raspberry smells very similar to cherry, but it quickly settles and it becomes incredibly boozy and dark when the Chambord accord steps in....I get no vanilla, but I know it must be there holding the rest of the notes together, what I do get a lot is something dark and very earthy lurking in the background, I'm thinking it must be the black raspberry paired with the chocolate...I really love Invi's PE, it is extremely elegant, sexy and very goth at the same time...

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Wow. Does anyone have any sad and lonely sniffles or bottles of said creation using up sorely needed Weenie perfume space? 

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