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Breakfast in Bed


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Whoa! I'm so blown away by this! I had stayed away from this because I was a bit narrow minded and wasn't keen on the idea of smelling like bacon. Maybe my nose is extremely weird but this isn;t like the bacon I've come to know. I'd say it gives it a salty hint, but I can hardly trace any bacon. This is where my nose maybe extremely off but maple is extremely sweet that it is berry like even though there is no berry in it. I do get french toast all the way! Hyper drenched french toast with another dunk of syrup and a little strawberry or strawberry syrup for good measure. My roommate left a half eaten raspberry jelly doughnut on the counter... I'm terrible... Breakfast in Bed possessed me i tell you!



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HAH...well I had to go find this,it has aged nicely :) ... have on four different apple scents today and this goes so well,imagine French toast and lightly spiced apple smoke yumz :lolipop:

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Something about this is abit odd? Its pink, fairy floss and...savoury spices? (Clove and nutmeg?? Dash of cinnamon?)


Anyways, I was blown away by this, after it settled it still smells super spiced pink from afar but snoofing up close I can smell the warmth and syrup of sticky spiced egg batter. Very nice, it took a bit but the French toast really stands out now but...The syrup smells like the one you grab from bottom shelf, that strange tinge in the back of the throat when I smell it. It takes me back to when I was a kid :)


Nothing but good memories here lol

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I need to re-examine this thread with my reading glasses on! I got halfway through the first page and decided it deserved a clearer look. I'm now fantasizing about making grilled cheese out of challah French toast, with Brie and thinly sliced green apples in between the French toast. Yum.


I've had this on all day, slathered it on around 10:30am. Today seemed like a good day for both eggs and breakfast in bed. But as I woke in a Best Western and breakfast was no longer being served, this was as close as I got. I was afraid my man wouldn't like it because he a strong dislike for smoke notes ON ME, like Allumette, but I slathered heavily anyway. (Kind of a double standard as he wears Cloven Samd and Mysterioso and Liquid Shadow, but I digress...) Turns out, it's not this smoke hat he doesn't like, he does like this hickory smoke. (Prob same that's in maple Sugared 🥓 Bacon?) 


Anyway, I've had this on all day and I've still got a slightly warm/sweet nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and hickory thing happening twelve hours later. I can't believe how lovely and cozy it still is. I paired it with UN Cuddle Bunny and it was perfect. I imagine it was meant for the ladies, but I'd cozy up to a man in this anyday. Nutmeg amps on me, sometimes to the point of needing to wash it off, but it's never too much in this combo. I only have a trial of this, I bet I have one more wear in it, so I hope Mara makes something like it again someday.


I think I'll refresh it with some Egg on top, it's a good day for eggs!

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