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Speed Dating w Cops (Tail)

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I meant to use unscented Sexology tonight but didn't have time to look for it, so I grabbed the closest phero-d scent which was Tail. I put some on decolletage and arms. I also didn't have time to shower so I was sweaty. Tonight's speed dating was the first one I've been to where there were guys in my age range who were datable prospects. Women smiled at me, too, and were chatty. I had a good time talking to everyone and some of us (3 women and 4 men) hung out afterwards and talked. All of the men (except one) had no problem opening up and talking to me, I found out from the other women that one shy guy who was chatty with me said nothing (nothing!) to her and her friend. He admitted he had no relationship experience. The one man who seemed to less friendly to me during speed dating was talking about the young male actors in the Twilight movies, I'm guessing that the cops made his thoughts veer in a sexual direction and that women were not on the menu. During the little get-together afterwards I sat between two young (30s), attractive men and both were showing interest. The man on the left kept touching my arm and the man on the right was paying very close attention to me and mirroring my expressions. Compared to times I was not wearing cops it seemed to encourage the men to show interest instead of hanging back. I was one happy gal tonight! As far as self-effects, I was more relaxed than usual but also each of the men had some appeal to me. Not sure if cops encouraged that or if it's just that I've been single so long!

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I love the effects of cops and I'm glad that you had a great time!


In fact, I wore Tail yesterday. I got quite a bit of compliments from parents (both moms and dads) that I get more and more attractive each time they see me!

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