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Priscilla Presents: Your Hotness


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Priscilla looooves honey, and her personally named design is all about the man-magnet hotness of honey and spice. Her blend is comprised of several honey tones, buttery french vanilla, and spiced with cinnamon and pepper. Ooooh, baby!


First reviewer! The pressure! :001_07:


I'm actually going to review this from the bottom up, because I have things to say about the pepper note first. I was a bit scared of this after I ordered it because I realised that pepper for USicans could mean bell pepper, what we call capsicum over here, to which I'm allergic. Fortunately it seems to be pepper pepper, because it didn't make me sick! I'm thinking it's either white pepper, or a very soft black pepper. It's just a little spikey, not punch-you-in-the-sinuses hot. The cinnamon is warm and smooth, not dry and sharp.


The honey does take the main stage with this one, but it is not the thick, cloying, heavy honey of Sugared Honeycomb or Phero Girl. It's still sweet, but it's a shade lighter and brighter. I think it's the vanilla that smoothes it out and rounds it out. It reminds me of Adrienne's Honeyed Sin, but is more... lady-like, rather than predatory, like Honeyed Sin can be. More come-hither, less I WILL DO YOU NOW.


Together all of the notes form a very spiced gingerbread feel that I adore. In fact, it's similar in feel to Sugared Gingerbread but less yeasty and foody.


I like it!

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I LOVE this, and you're hearing raves from a person prone to amping cinnamon to hell and who isn't exactly best friends with pepper either. It's positively loaded with thick, gooey honey and rich vanilla that, instead of being overtaken by a sharp blast of spice, are slowly warmed and made even more sensual by it. I wouldn't say this is an SLF type of honey but rather like sticking your nose in a fragrant jar of raw honey, and the vanilla is smooth and full-bodied somewhere right in between floral and foody. The cinnamon and pepper finish off this decadent base with a flirtatious flourish rather than stealing the show. It really is everything the name says it is!

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This is a golden honey and the vanilla is dense, chewy, almost fudgey, with the cinnamon and pepper just a nice sprinkling. (i liked it when I first got it a while back but it didn't have quite the body it does now - back then the honey was thinner and paler, reminiscent of mellonia's, and I got much less vanilla.) It's aging GORGEOUSLY !!

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