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My own mad combos


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Perfect match – 4 drags in arm N rubbed together.

Cuddle bunny – 6 big drags on stomach

Lace – 4 spray in stomach

Return to me – 1 dab on heart. 4 draws in arm.( later)

Love drawing – 1 dab on heart.


Me and my friend had a good time of reconciliation. I said sorry on some conflict we had iin the day and mentioned its just for him. So he was ok. He said now he is feeling fine with me but during day I was giving very negative feeling. I have to note it that I had not much mones left on me by that time may be. So keep in mind that he responds to mones well. ok then, we had good bear hug and I told to forget all bad stuff. He was fine n smiling most of the time. He even took a small peck from me very willingly but refused to give, smilingly. Very wicked. We agreed not pick on each other. We left on a good note.

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Leather 2 sprays in chest

I was walking with confidence in office. My jrs asked me if I am in angry mood.

When I said no they said ok may be you are just tired. I asked about work & then all left for their work. Leather makes me look like I am angry or aggressive though I don’t feel the aggressive self effect. What I feel is strong and stern. Someone whome no one can budge from my own stand.


Later Added Coeur de lamour (treasured hearts) 3 strips in left arm

Got a call from bro to visit them home. I went with this application.

Strange and funny my bro told me that I am looking starnge. He said my make up n the colour is making me look like that. But in fact he was reacting to leather, which might have triggered his mind to those thoughts.

There were lot of discussion in which they could have easily picked on me but now my bro in fact has shown kind of sympathy towards me. Not even his wife or my mom picked on me. This is for the first time that they all were sitting together chatting about volatile family matters and I did not have sparks on me nor any burn’s so. Great, this stuff is great.

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Aud 2 in chest

SS 3 swips in l arm

I had the same stern feeling but no more effects on others. I was not talking to one of my jr for doing bad things. She did not had the courage to come and talk to me or say her apologies. They had the feeling that I am in the strong mood so no one forced me to talk to her either. I observed that I did not have the sleepiness today. Possibly because after early lunch we went out of office for some work. So I was not sitting in the office on chair. While body is in motion that sleepiness doesn’t come. Or I have become accustomed/ immune to the sleepiness.

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Aud 2 in chest

Ss 6 horizontal strips in neck and 2 in half circle under jaw.

I was feeling good and confident. Got compliments from people for looking good. someone asked how much time I spent each day for getting ready. I was upbeat. I was so strong in my convo on the phone with my friend. He has a tendency to dominate me most of the times. But today I had my ways of dealing with him. I picked calls when I wanted and avoided when I did not want. Normally he keeps calling and calling continuously till I pick, but today I just switched off my phone when he made me continous calls. That was being very courageous of me. Thanks to Aud…

Later in the day I messaged back and politely apologised. I think that was the true nature of being alpha and social..

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Phero girl – 2 Smallish dabs in both wrists and rubbed together.

Cb – 5 small strips back of left hand and rubbed with right

RTM – on back of thumb with intent

Love drawing – on back of hand with intent

I met my friend in evening today. He picked me and we had a discussion about who will get food. He did not get it. We kept on talking uselessly for 45 mins and then I left. He was asking me for long time to do the massage fro him. I rubbed his shoulders for sometime which was soothing for him. I kept on refusing to his request for my valid reasons. Told him later on phone that having my food which I wanted to have with him. He said sorry for not getting it.

No special cuddly response toady.

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AuD – 3 in neck

Lumina – 4 in back of hands

Perfume –as cover

I went for school reunion lunch. Met some people and recognized only some. I looked good and some people even complemented me for looking good. We had good time , and no special response or hit from anyone. I don’t know why I did not get many hits today which I was expecting. We all friends met after almost 20 years. so maybe people are not used the signature or not recognised the new signature. They must have thought that it is my usual self. Not an interesting day mone wise….

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TAH – 2 in clvg

Leather – 4 in neck

CB – 5 in r hand

EST – 2 sprays in left elbow…

I had bad mood but felt uplifted as I reached office. My friend came in and we all had fun talking and leg pulling each other. I was in uplifted mood and he was trying to observe if I am fine or not. I gave him no clue of what I am thinking.

(We had a good date 2 3 days back and I was a pherobomb for him that day. Actually I mixed so many blends some from here and some from other companies. So I can’t mention them all here. They 8- 9 in all, but believe me , I had a blast and after many years we went uncontrollable. Just to mention that TAH, BI, Leather, EST,CB scn, Cb un, Perfect match, I wore all together and some 4 more from other companies….. it was a mad mix but very interesting. I took a big risk , But it was worth taking…. He he I am becoming more daring in Phero usage…. and keeping my fingers crossed…..)

So I did not gave him any hint that what I am thinking of him now and he tried his best to observe me…. I put on all mones contradictory mones today to confuse him…..;) and I think I succeeded. The more he is confused the more he thinks of me….. :D

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CB - 5 Drags in left forearm

PI - 2 drops in left wrist

EST - 2 in clvg

Leather - 2 behind the ears

My friend called up and asked me to meet him quickly. I refused but he insisted so I went. I put my mones and went out. He asked me what happened in office today.(actually I had an issue and boss sorted it out for me when I raised fuss about it. Thanks to boss, he is so always supportive of me…. God keep him always affected by my mones .) I did say bad things initially to my friend for being so uncaring towards me. but later I told few things about the whole incident and he listened to me with attention. Later tried to make things light he started joking. And then touching and little cuddle happened. I noticed that after long this was initiated, but not by me. I got a hit also. then little more cuddles happened which soothed out the tension between us. Overall good 45 mins spent and I came back home...

I am getting good cuddles with Cb and believe now he responds well to Est and softer mones …. He is a very sensitive person so I better keep these babies in my box, always…

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MLH – 3 sprays in clvg

Phero girl – 2 small dabs on wrist and inner elbow, rubbed with other hands.

Dream lover – on heart

I haven’t seen any self effects. I did a lot of cardio in the morning, so was feeling little uplifted already. I was in normal good mood. I reached office and got a comment from my jr that if am in a dangerous mood today? I said no and smiled. But she continued that if you are not now then you will be as the day progresses. I and all my team members laughed at this. I know what she was referring to the effect of MLH. I got a call from my friend and it was a kind of emotional convo. I felt I was quite emotional while talking but still was in my own control. This person has a tendency or power over me, either to make me get carried away with emotions or dominate me. Today I felt that I was emotional and understanding but did not get swept away or overpowered by him. The day went by and I felt in much control while balancing my emotional side as well. Though I said yes in the morning for it but now in the evening I just refused to talk. I know it feels bad at the moment, but it will work as fuel in the fire….. a small no occasionally works well with some people. So I tried today and mentioning it here today to refer it to later, if situation arises. Hope it works…..

I think this(MLH) is a beautiful blend and I want to test it more for the correct dosage. Any suggestions?

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Hi Girlz , I have tried all these mad Phero Combos based on my own instincts and situations to deal with. just to be precise in the info, i don't have them premixed but i used them from my different bottles. also i don't layer them at one application point but i apply them on different spots on my body....


I enjoyed the different experiences with all the different combos... but as Mara also says pls try at your own risk.. ;):666::P i might be wasting some pheros, if they are contradicting each other .... but i love experimenting and who knows some day i might come across something very interesting all the way on this journey...


I have very interesting experiences with most of the spell potions and tarot line fragrances. will upload them soon here as i get enough time from my busy schedules at work and with my chic.

Believe me, i took sometime off from work today and came home early to upload all my reports as i thought it is much overdue.... and this thought was constantly hovering above my head....


Send me healing vibes for my health and relationships i am working on these days.... truly i need lot of blessings to be able to sustain my health issues and bring up my chic all alone. life is transforming and changing since i started using Mara's blends and pheros.... i believe whatever is happening to my life is for my good.... even the pain is making me stronger each day....


Lots of love n luck to all... keep in touch here.... will try to be around more often here... :):Emoticons0804:

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... life is transforming and changing since i started using Mara's blends and pheros.... i believe whatever is happening to my life is for my good.... even the pain is making me stronger each day....


Best of luck, Magnanimity! LPs pheroed and unpheroed will help you on your journey...Sending you positive vibes and blessings!

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Thank you for sharing! I’m new to pheros so I’ve been trying them out one by one, but I know the mad scientist in me is going to want to start experimenting very soon. I like that you don’t overlap them. I am the same way with scents in general. If I want to wear more than one fragrance, I apply them to different areas and never overlap. Your experiment results are interesting and helpful! 

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